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  1. Lorena Rae Chase Carter Meri Gulin Candice Swanepoel Barrett Taylor Sharpe Elizabeth Bennett Alicia Medina Isla Dowling Robin Holzken Sofia Resing
  2. Doutzen by a mile Taylor Hill or Grace Elizabeth?
  3. ^Stunning!!! There hasn't been a model such classically beautiful in a long time.
  4. As for models, I have a lot, but I'll name some popular ones. Candice - Never thought she was very pretty, although her body is great. Don't like her nose, her jaw/mouth are kinda asymmetrical and crooked. as her entire face, so I don't get the "she's the most beautiful white woman ever." Miranda - I don't find her face very pretty, it's too wide. Barbara - She was beautiful when she was very very young, but nowadays the lack of cheekbones and asymmetrical jaw/too pointy chin don't do it for me. Romee - The same as Miranda. Her face is too wide and big, her chin too short. Emily Didonato - Was gorg when she was really young but now her jaw is too strong, and that entire lower part of her face ruins everything. I don't find her very pretty these days. Actresses Majority of old Hollywood actresses. The only one stunning is Grace Kelly. Gene Tierney and Catherine Deneuve are also beautiful. Sophia Loren - So overrated. Very rough face, too short chin, weird nose. Audrey Hepburn - I love her very much and she's extremely cute, I just don't get her status of the most beautiful woman ever. Her nose kinda ruins it. Lips are also nothing special. Liz Taylor - Asymmetrical nose and chin, tbh she's pretty but nothing special. Marilyn Monroe - Also nothing special too me. Before she became famous she was average. I am lazy too write more so this will be it. Also, I could understand why everyone is being mentioned here except Doutzen. That woman has literally the perfect face. When she was young ofc. Like you couldn't find a flaw on that face. Amazing.
  5. Wait what? So, if someone fills their lips they gotta do nose too? I guess Adriana (and many others) also did their noses. She literally has the same nose, with slightly asymmetrical nostrils, and different looking from right and left semi-profile. I mean you only need to go to first couple of pages to see that, like I did. Btw in these photos her lips look the same too, just a bit overlined in the newer photo, so I'm not sure about those lip fillers too.
  6. Nose is the same, just different lighting. Brows do look lifted but it could be the expression idk She and Grace Elizabeth have the best faces currently, tbh they are prettier than most older VS models except maybe young Adri and Doutzen.
  7. Her lips look natural to me (?) Is it true she did fillers?
  8. With that face she belongs to the 80s and 90s supermodels era.
  9. They look nothing alike. Siblings that resemble each other are Chase and Mackinley.
  10. The most beautiful blonde supermodel ever ❤️
  11. Soooo beautiful without makeup and with messy hair ❤️
  12. I'd guess three of them are Kaia, Bella and Gigi 😀
  13. This hairstyle doesn't suit her at all.
  14. I see nothing wrong with her skin in those pics, it's actually perfect considering the lighting and cakey foundation. However, it seems she's been using fillers/botox.
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