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  1. Nice her hair is getting longer
  2. Romee doesn't even look pregnant.
  3. Wow looking at the Spotify, those podcasts are really long.I'm surprised they are doing it.
  4. Wow the pictures in the last post are amazing. Honestly way better than her Victoria Secret shoots.
  5. Her lips do look quite a bit bigger than her siblings though. Maybe she was just blessed with perfect model lip proportions but she could have also gotten filler. Although, is it even legal to get lip fillers before you're 18?
  6. Thats kind of hilarious to me, its like whoever is now running her account saw that and said "Oh shit"
  7. Lmao her latest Instagram story says "Getting my social media fix this week"
  8. She is either in a really good mood or she hired someone to run her Instagram because she has been responding to random people on her posts and has unusually talkative stuff on her story right now.
  9. Looks like the same set they used for the Bruno Mars lip sync
  10. I kind of hope she doesn't because she looks amazing in a lot of them
  11. If that's true I have no idea why he would wait until now to delete all the pics. They appeared to have been broken up for at least a couple months. If we wanna play the blind speculation game I would say that maybe she recently got a new boyfriend, and that is what made him delete everything. But more than likely its just that the contract with Ralph Lauren changed and now they are allowed to make their breakup obvious.
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