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Survival of the fittest competition, First actress to 10 wins

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Credit to Aranka (who started the first edition with models) and Theron (who gave the idea with actresses) and donbot (for the pictures layout ;) )

Rules are the same in both competitions - first to 10 /8 (if the comp is too slow) wins.


Kristen Stewart



Emma Stone



Kristen Stewart [1]

Emma Stone[0]

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Kristen Stewart [3]

Emma Stone[2]

Suddenly Kristen is the girl everybody like... who would believe that?

I would not. Year ago, I would smack her over head if she jumped on me in a tiny bikinis. She somehow grew on me... maybe it´s because she looks similar as one of my very good friends (who I find adorable) :)

Theron thank you for fixing it.

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I'm going to fix the score cause Pierre and myself did not count our previous votes.

It's one more for each...

Kristen Stewart [5]

Emma Stone [6]

my apologies.

seems I opnened many threads at once and there was no vote when I initially clicked this one, but then there was one until I worked my way here :ninja:

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