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  1. I was thinking because she was one of the Bond Girls. Never seen the other movie before.

  2. 2 yrs, when saw her in the hitman movie. Just so beautiful I couldn't believe it.

  3. Better late then never. How long has Olga been your favorite for?

  4. Thanks. She really is, definitely one of my favorites. A little late, but welcome to the site, hope you like it. :)

  5. Love your Olga pic, she is so pretty.

  6. That's good to hear! Doing well myself too thanks! :hug:

  7. Hey, doing well. :) How have you been?

  8. Hiiiiiiiiiiiiii

    How've you been?


  9. Hey man, enjoy the trip. :)

  10. Hey man sorry, caught up with Jen and prepping. I shall see u around Monday after Seattle. Have a good weekend bud and take care :)

  11. FRIDAY....heck ya, o how i luv that day :)

  12. awwwwww :( but still a little bit funny hehe

  13. No real meaning. Just the result of the frustration of all my names already being taken on a site years ago.

  14. What does your name mean? Does it stand for something? :)