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  1. Bad Apple

    I hate...

    The Bronx and all it's bad memories
  2. Seeing those cute leggy interns I work with on Thursday
  3. Bad Apple

    Now Playing

    Hey Judas by Black Star Riders
  4. Bad Apple

    I Am...

    Hoping the ride to work isn't that bad
  5. Bad Apple

    I hate...

    Looking at the clock all day trying to make the work day end
  6. The hellish commute to work I must endure in about an hour.
  7. Bad Apple

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    Freedom Of Speech by John Mellencamp
  8. Bad Apple

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    No more cloudy days by The Eagles
  9. Bad Apple

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    Congregation by Foo Fighters
  10. Bad Apple

    Now Playing

    Beautiful War by Kings Of Leon
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