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  1. ^ Technically, you could say so. Her mother is Lucila Solá, Argentinian actress and current girlfriend of Al Pacino. Her father is Maximo Morrone, Argentinian actor and photographer.
  2. ^ She's going to launch a beauty/lifestyle blog. Can't wait to see the results!
  3. 3 solo 2015 Vogue covers and counting Hopefully one day she'll be on the American edition.
  4. Nose job and lip filler, if you Google. Possible boob job She's beautiful, no doubt about it, but after learning certain things about her I'm not a fan..
  5. At least Gigi didn't need cosmetic surgery... I used to like her but I don't see her doing too much
  6. First shoot with @vspink today right in time for my 18th bday #vspink #victoriassecret @imgmodels
  7. Well, at least she did snag his mother country's Vogue cover Vogue Australia June 2015 via tFS via dailytelegraph.com.au
  8. Hopefully this opens up some doors for her!
  9. They were posted on tFS (which I'll repost down below) via Trouble Management but otherwise I haven't stumbled over any HQs yet. Hopefully someone will find them eventually, she looks so fresh and natural Vogue Spain April 2015
  10. Just stumbled upon her, and what a find indeed! to VS and SI talk
  11. I love her curly hair :wub2: She looks so amazing and natural. These could easily be VS pictures, I don't understand them not working to use her
  12. Thanks to VampireHorde US Vogue April 2015 "Best In Show" shot by Bruce Weber EDIT: Gigi posted this, it looks like a second feature in US Vogue's April issue by Mario Testino!
  13. She dont have a bf, had y'all not figured it was a scam? She actually has one. She has been with this man for a long time. I can't remember his name but she posts some pics with him on her instagram now and then. His name is Joshua Kushner. He's a venture capitalist, brother of Jared Kushner (Ivanka Trump's husband). He was pictured at the VSFS, and they have a few candids together I'm sure you could Google
  14. 'susan'

    Tumblr find

    That's what I was guessing too. Izzy is beautiful though, it very well could be her! Thanks for showing her to me now
  15. 'susan'

    Tumblr find

    She might be a model? Not sure. If anyone recognizes her let me know! Reminds me of Bianca Balti/Blanca Padilla :wub2:
  16. Her boyfriend is Laurens Van Leeuwen, also Dutch. They've been together already for 5 years, you'll see him in many pictures as he also travels with her sometimes.
  17. What if it's been like 5 years since they last visited the site? It can't happen? Just curious.
  18. http://www.si.com/swimsuit/2015/rookie-of-the-year/
  19. ^ 17, I found it off of her Instagram. Her birthday is in April
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