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Time Flies - 5,000 ^.^


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Hey all,

So i just realized that at some point in the last day or so ... I passed 5,000 posts.

I joined here a while ago, and i've always strived to help with pics and news, but by meeting all of you I've gotten better. I'm made amazing friends here, some whom I've actually started to know personally. And this year, becoming a mod meant the world to me. It meant soo much to see that i was noticed. I thank everyone here for all their kindness and amazing resources. This truly is the reason for BZ and places like this: to foster new members/fans and deepen appreciation. :flower:

I would list all the people who i know and thank, but then i might leave someone out. So for anyone who's ever messaged me, delt with me, or voted in my competition (Best of VSFS09 - Go vote now ... I'll wait - yes, this is shameless promotion :rofl: ) ... now where was I ... oh yah. To anyone who's ever had any contact with me ... i thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Now then, crack open the champagne ... drinks are on me :fun:

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Congrats Joe, your contribution has been immense. Your a great asset to the community, both as a member and as a mod. :yes: Hope you stick around. was funny i was talking to LMS about this the other day. How it's amazing how the numbers simply rack up as soon as you throw yourself into this place lol :p

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Thanks guys,

Joe, you jokester you. and I finally got a warn, I'm part of the family now. :nicole:

Yes Nightlife, i do have my standards ;)

No problem widget :flower: They all are coming in handy now since i'm making an AnaBB compilation

I like that Michael. I AM the Mod of War. :bellazon: :knives:

:rofl: you always crack me up Baron. And I DO love me some Goulash. :bounce::hehe:

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