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  1. Will go to sleep soon I think.. yea its past bedtime xd

  2. Circumstance (2011) Teenagers Atafeh, and her best friend, Shireen, are experimenting with their burgeoning sexuality amidst the subculture of Tehran's underground art scene when Atafeh's brother, Mehran, returns home from drug rehab as the prodigal son. Battling his demons, Mehran vehemently renounces his former life as a classical musician and joins the morality police. He disapproves of his sister's developing intimate relationship with Shireen and becomes obsessed with saving Shireen from Atafeh's influence. Suddenly, the two siblings, who were close confidants, are entangled in a triangle
  3. Rox

    Nikohl Boosheri

    Trailer circumstance
  4. Rox

    Nikohl Boosheri

    Nikohl Boosheri Mini Biography Nikohl Boosheri was born in Pakistan to Iranian parents as they were making their way to Vancouver, Canada. Her parents were military officers who fled to Pakistan. Nikohl was born in Pakistan, as a result of being born a week early while her mother was escaping Iran. She grew up around Vancouver with her sister who is 5 years younger than her. Trivia She has never been to Iran. Personal Quotes [on the 'Arab Spring" movement] What you see in ['Circumstance'] is the calm before the storm. You see the kind of feelings that were swirling around and how tired peopl
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    Sarah Kazemy

    Circumstances Trailer Oh and btw the movie is definitely worth seeing. Photos from 'Circumstance'
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    Sarah Kazemy

    Sarah Kazemy Sarah Kazemy (Persian: سارا کاظمی‎; born 1987) is a French actress of Iranian descent notable for her role in Circumstance. Source Wikipedia Date of Birth 1987, Neuilly sur Seine, France Height 5' 7" (1.70 m) Trivia -She is the daughter of an Iranian father and a French mother of Algerian descent. -Has an older brother and a younger sister. -She speaks fluent French, Farsi and English and has studied Arabic, German and Italian. -Has studied law and literature. -She used to go to Iran every summer until she was 17. Source: IMDB
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    Not a fan of her music, too slow for me, but that is just my personal taste. She does have a great voice though and is definitely a very good singer. But it's always nice to see a talented Persian artist break through (: Thanks for all the vids, Xerxes
  8. Johnny Depp :x The Twilight boy Harry Poter guy the Jonas Brothers Renee Zelweger Kirsten Bell- Ok, I understand why people might view her as attractive, but to me her face is just annoying. Katherine Heigl- Never understood the hype about her beauty.
  9. Hye Jung Lee - Vogue Korea August 2011
  10. The best Cover with a Model Bad News #1 - Marloes Horst (by donbot) x1 Vogue Spain May 2011 - Isabeli Fontana (by COP11) x2 The best Cover with an Actress Another Magazine S/S 2010 - Marion Cotillard (by Michael*) x3 The best Pose W November 2006 - Cameron Diaz (by mickiala) x3 The most original Cover Elle Sweden September 2009 - Frida Gustavsson (by Michael*) x3 The best Group Cover V Magazine S/S 2006 - Daria, Gemma & Freja (by me) x1 i-D February 2008 - Gemma & Lily (by me) x2
  11. Round 11: Erin Izabel Anja ^Geez these outfits were catastrophes Round 12: Karlie Joan
  12. Round 13: Alessandra Lais Bregje Maryna Round 14: Flavia Bregje
  13. She is stunning! Thanks for all the pics! btw who is the woman next to her in the last pic? She looks so familiar, but can't place her right now..
  14. Blanca Lips: 4 Smile: 1.5 Hair: 2 Eyes:3 Nose: 4 Body: 3.8 Evangeline Lips: 1 Smile: 3 Hair: 4 Eyes: 5 Nose: 4 Body: 4
  15. Bad News #1 - Marloes Horst (by donbot) Interview March 2011 - Amanda Seyfried (by me) Muse F/W 2010 - Anja Rubik (by COP11) Elle Sweden September 2009 - Frida Gustavsson (by Michael*) Vogue Italia June 2003 - Daria, Julia & Elise (by me)
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