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    bubba burgers, filet mignon, rice noodle rolls & shaomai; cantonese chow mein, shrimps, pan roasted chilean sea bass, lemon-pepper wings, barbeque, garlic mashed potatoes, eggs/grits/sausagelink/toast, spaghetti w/ meatballs and don't skimp on da sauce!!!

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  1. Finally got to finish season 2 on dvd. I really liked the episode, "The Nightcomers", with Patti LuPone. Can't decide yet which season I preferred more.
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    I liked the pilot except for the last couple of minutes.
  3. Yay, new stuff!! Thanks for the pics, BL!
  4. No. Have you ever spilled a drink on somebody (and not just a few drops)?
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    The X-Files

    I'll definitely be tuning in. I didn't catch the last movie but always enjoyed the tv series.
  6. Thanks for all the recent photos!
  7. Agreed, a little weird but the mystery regarding the departed is keeping me around.
  8. probably long shot but...i.d. anyone? Hamptons magazine cover, issue 6, 1988
  9. yeah, something deep inside me tells me we've seen the last of Pedro Pascal
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    Forever by In This Moment
  11. Not guilty, but have been tempted too many times to count. Got angry at an old person?
  12. No. Had to change a tire on the side of the road?
  13. Yes, in my house. Are you using some type of fan right now to keep cool?
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