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Most Gorgeous Disney Star?


prettiest disney star?  

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  1. 1. which out of these?

    • Ashely Tisdale
    • Vanessa Hudgens
    • Selena Gomez
    • Miley Cyrus
    • Demi Lovato
    • Brenda Song

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Other then Miley I have zero idea who these people are
^I'm with you... What's this about? I don't mean to be offensive, but what's with all the chubby cheeks and helathy yellow glow??? Kind of looks like they all need some sort of dialysis... :(


Oh, OK. That's all a bit fucked up, though.

But - after research - I suppose... Demi!!!



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Most gorgeous Disney girl among all these girl? Selena because she damn look like a little pink piggy! And that's a + for meminicochon1.gif

they all looking so fake (not surgeries fakes) fake like "we are not pretty but with all the make up on our very young teenage face and our, chubby not a girl but not yet a woman body, we can make u believe what u want to believe especially if you are a teenager whom read too much teenage magazine or a 45 years old man who should stop reading teenage magazine!"

the most gorgeous Disney chick is Esmeralda! Or Cruella de Vil... I am not sure...

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I don't like none of them, like Kiki said they all look fake.

Fake? Jesus. Go check the fashion models sub-forum to see how the fake persons look like. I say, there are always exceptions, but most of the models look completely different in 'real life' than in catalogues, photoshoots etc. Those girls always look so natural in candids without any need of makeup. :whistle:

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