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  1. journal21

    Who's she?

    I saw her in many editorials, and still have no idea who she is?
  2. The most beautiful tennis player! Anna still got it.
  3. ^^ Never seen those oldies! Beautiful.
  4. God, she just never looks bad! Thanks for all the pics
  5. Hayden Panettiere's Angelic Face
  6. WTF...they are even not walking together? She looks beautiful tho.
  7. Looking amazing and natural! Thanks
  8. Selena is the utter definition of 'cute' and 'adorable'. Lovely pics!
  9. that's a lovely thought really. But God has nothing to do with this! Unless God is now a surgeon? It's also lovely to see someone who's a fan of Megan Fox complaining about someone having surgeries. I 've never seen someone looking so naturally after supposedly having a plastic surgery. No one does classy hotness better than Kate Beckinsale. Oh and also, she hasn't got any of those disgusting, filthy tattoos. I guess that's a turn-off for you.
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