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The Official Victoria's Secret Thread

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Neither of them had contracts, they were just heavily used. Same happened with Chanel and Sara, except those two ended up as angels, same for Maggie Laine, she was never a Pink spokesperson, everyone just assumed so but nope. 

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Think Romee and Sui are currently shooting for next year's Lunar New Year campaign. 


Did Ming, Sara and Sui all shoot some time around this time of the year in 2018 when they did the 2019 CNY campaign too?


If so, then there's our answer. 


Also, congratulations to Ming for giving birth to a baby boy.

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Hey girls! So i am new here and i just want to quickly put up here my list of favorite VS angels of all time. :) 

1. Helena Christensen (the whole attitude, vibe, face)

2. Miranda Kerr (i find her one of the most beautiful and feminine)

3. Adriana Lima (i find her one of the sexiest)

4. Candice Swanepoel (for the beauty and for the attitude)

5. Kate Moss (because she has an unique face, because she broke the height stereotypes and because she was simply a bombshell)

6. Laetitia Casta (because she has that 90's supermodel thing - same as Helena, and that non vulgar sexiness, plus she also was under the height requirements which i like)

7. Tyra Banks (because well..she's Tyra)

8. Chanel Iman (she's giving me tropical beauty vibes)

9. Daniela Pestova (i find her beautiful and i love her supermodel vibe)

10. Rosie Huntington Whiteley (because of her special face features - she just doesn't have a face you often see)

11. Jasmine Tookes (because i think she's very beautiful)

12. Karen Mulder (because i think she's very beautiful and she has the supermodel vibe)

13. Sara Sampaio (i think her face features are special and she's beautiful and also not that tall)

14. Doutzen Kroes (because she has that german beauty to her and her smile is mesmerizing)

15. Barbara Palvin (i only like her face and attitude - don't really like her body shape - and not because she's not as thin as others, but to me she seems bow-legged)

16. Behati Prinsloo (i love her vibe and attitude, however i do not consider her especially beautiful)

17. Lily Aldridge (i love her attitude, the fact that she's kind and she's also beautiful but she doesn't give me any special vibe)

18. Romee Strijd (i think she is very beautiful, especially when she smiles, but i think she's boring and she lacks the supermodel vibe and attitude)

19. Kate Grigorieva (she definitely has the russian beauty but something's definitely missing)

20. Leomie Anderson (i definitely can't help but compare her with other present and past VS models, and i prefer Jasmine Tookes, Chanel Iman and Tyra).


Now, some of my least favorite models (keep in mind everything is just my opinion and i don't mean to insult anybody or disrespect anybody not agreeing with me):


1. Alessandra Ambrosio (i think her legs are short compared to her torso, even tho she's tall; i also am one of the few thinking her face is too masculine and not attractive)

2. Karolina Kurkova (her face is too masculine and not attractive to me)

4. Karlie Kloss (i think she's just ugly and i also don't like her vibe)

5. Gisele Bundchen (not only her face, but also her body seem to masculine for my taste)

6. Izabel Goulart (not only i think her face is too masculine, but also ugly)

7. Heidi Klum (even tho she's a supermodel, i don't find her face attractive at all)

8. Marissa Miller (same, i don't find her face attractive)

9. Chandra North (i feel like she has a very plain, common face, that i see almost everywhere here)

10. Ines Rivero (just because her face features remind me of my mother in law, lol)

11. Lais Ribeiro (i don't find her beautiful)

12. Stephanie Seymour (her mouth is too wide for my artist eye lol)

13. Stella Maxwell (i don;t know why she gives me a vulgar, rough vibe)

14. Jac Jagaciak (a very common face again, something easy to forget, not beautiful, not particularly ugly)

15. Alexina Graham (i like that she's a natural redhead and her goofy attitude but that's it, unfortunately)

16. Martha Hunt (I think her face features are definitely uncommon and that's cool, but in the same time i can't say she's particuarly beautiful)

17. Taylor Hill (don't attack me but i don't think she's beautiful without makeup...)

18. Elsa Hosk (i have a love-hate for her. Sometimes i find her gorgeous and sometimes even ugly - especially when she smiles and the picture is from a high-angle - seems like her nose is long and it comes over or too close to her mouth, giving off a witch or maniac smile in my opinion)

18. Lindsay Ellingson (a very common, girl-next door vibe - nothing VS worthy in my opinion)

19. Josephine Skriver (i think she looks older than she is)

20. Erin Heatherton (she gives me Britney Spears vibes and a vulgar vibe..idk why)

21. Selita Ebanks (her face reminds me of a chiwawa somehow)

22. Grace Elizabeth (she's cute, but nothing more)


This list might change - i am opened to that. I'd like to also see your preferences and lists! :D 


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Also, just came up with the idea of putting here the models i think would've been great angels. 


1. Gal Gadot (when she was younger perhaps - woman is fire, so sexy and beautiful)

2. Shanina Shaik (i find her very beautiful and her face is basically made for modelling in my opinion)

3. Ming Xi (i really think they need an asian woman, and Ming is soo beautiful and will probably look very young for a very long time)

4. Gizele Oliveira (gives me Penelope Cruz vibes)

5. Duckie Thot (i just love her dark skin and her facial features, so artistic)

6. Daniela Braga (i consider her very sexy)

7. Estelle Chen (i think she;s very beautiful and feminine)

8. Imaan Hammam (she's beautiful and special and i love her name lol)


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3 minutes ago, toodarnhot said:

Jk though. :rofl:  I agree with most of your list. 

Lol don't destroy my newcomer enthusiasm ahahah =)) i've only read the recent pages of the thread :D  

Anyways, glad to see you agree. I expected ppl to be pissed for some of my opinions tbh

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Okay so VS has 20 angels, including four new women but we get Birgit in the holiday campaign in the year where there will be no show to promote them. Who is running this company? o.o

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