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The Official Victoria's Secret Thread


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@Prettyphile聽thank you for the pictures.

I'm glad VS isn't doing white wall anymore, but I don't like these. The background reminds me of a sleazy cheap 1970's midwest hotel. It makes me think of meth and hookers.聽

-Taylor's weight gain looks great and her body looks the best it ever has; however, 聽I'm starting to become less and less a fan of hers. She looks bored and/or confused. I think she had a lot of potential at first, but she is not that great and I used to think she would be an excellent Angel. She can't do sexy well, in my opinion. SHe does cute and young very well, though. She's great for clothes or swim.聽

-All I see in Elsa's pictures are her lips. But I've been over her for a while now so I'm not surprised. meh. I wish she'd retire.聽

-Josephine looks the best, but I wish she would've gotten better shots. She is one of the few Angels that I think can do sexy well even though I don't really think she's that pretty.聽聽

-I'm glad Grace got the FLL campaign and not this crap.聽

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1 hour ago, GlitterAndWings said:

According to Sara's IG stories, VS is doing a special shoot in London. She mentioned Jas, Jo and Lais.聽

Shoot or an event? Event seems more likely unless there鈥檚 going to be more girls showing up. Can鈥檛 see VS paying for聽an international shoot with only 4 girls with how cheap they鈥檝e been the last few years.聽

Edit: Just looked at the UK instagram page and it makes me think it might be a launch or event for FLAL collab.聽

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Curious what everyone's dream angel lineup would be. (10 max)

- mine -


Lorena Rae (German) 馃挔 Grace Elizabeth (American) 馃挔 Jasmine Sanders (German) 馃挔 Taylor Hill (American) 馃挔 Kate Li (Russian)

Kambree Dalton (American?) 馃挔 Sara Orrego (Colombian) 馃挔 Leomie Anderson (British) 馃挔 Veridiana Ferreira (Brazilian) 馃挔 Alexina Graham (British)

Conditional - Leomie needs to learn to model for lingerie and chill with the #AbsByIza and stank face in so many of her picture. She's MUCH better looking when she's natural and smiles.

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A caveat is that the models would not be "standardized" the way they do now:

Hailey Clausen

Elizabeth Turner

Natie Roser

Kristina Mendonca

Lada Kravchenko

Eniko Mihalik

Nadine Leopold

Magdalena Frackowiak

Constance Jablonski

Priscilla Huggins

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I was thinking of my perfect line up but then I realized that VS should probably even get rid of Angels altogether. Start聽with a "Every woman is an Angel" type of promo and start fresh without this system. They almost don't use their Angels anyway.

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