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  1. Nordstrom Fall 2107 catalog

    2. Lera Abova
  2. Neiman Marcus Fall 2017 catalog

    Kelly Gale c:
  3. Who is she?

    Lois Schalkwijk
  4. Nasty Gal Models ID's

    4. Margaux Alexandra
  5. coca cola girl

    Camilla Christensen
  6. Victoria's Secret Fashion Show (2017)

    As a Behati fan I've read it all and I have to say a few things... I just love her in VS, I'm really happy that she is taking time to form a family, I don't get all this hate about it, it's her choice so let it be. Indeed, it's not the end of the world. Maybe she leaves VS as an angel, but I'm sure she will come back to walk for VS. And talking about angels... I think also Lily is dispensable. I love her, but I think she is not that connected with the brand anymore. Candice, Ale and Adri are the essence of VS, so they will be there for a few years more. And talking about Candice... I've never been a fan of her but... I am hating her hair so much.
  7. Couple more Pull and Bear

    1. Ana Bary 2. Natalia Grzybczyk 3. Emily Jones
  8. Adrianna Papell Models ID!

    3. Karolina Gorzala
  9. Few models to ID.

    Just found the other ones' names: 1. Kristin Drab 3. Vita Mir Thanks a lot @Cazerty
  10. Models to ID

    1. Lara Mullen 2. Alicia Herberth 3. Emily Jones 4. Zhenya Migovych
  11. Who are the models in the Fenty Beauty video?

    Duckie Thot Slickwood Halima Adem Selena Forrest Rubina Dyan Leomie Anderson
  12. Pull & Bear Models ID

    Thanks a lot <3
  13. Berhska models ID

    1. Anna Vivchar 3. Katya Ledneva 6. Katya Li 7. Noortje Haak 9. Claire Guena
  14. Can someone ID these models?

    1. Anna Vivchar 2. Katya Li 3. Max Heinsbroek
  15. Model ID UrbanOutfitters

    Cindy Mello and you are welcome c: