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The Official Victoria's Secret Thread


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6 hours ago, Prettyphile said:

Soon to be 30 year old doesn't just stop having fun, doesn't stop having energy, doesn't stop trying to be positive and happy. 


Alexina - "The younger you act, the younger you feel, and that's just how I am. I do have down days of course, depression does run in my family on the women's (side), and I once had a really bad week of it (it was awhile ago), it was terrible, I couldn't get out of bed, I was crying all the time." 

It seems like she might have a more upbeat quirky attitude as a means of coping even if it's on a subconscious level (she's also seen a professional about it), and I commend her for that. Better to be happy and enjoy your surroundings and the people in it then act all buttoned up. God forbid she act like a "10 year old".


On the runway I'd personality love to see a serious walk, but as long as she's having fun, more power to her.



That’s all rather good but she’s not Pink’s spokesmodel, is she? All she comes across as is goofy. 

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I've always been a fan of Alexina and I agree she can be a bit too much at times, but that video with Emily made me like her even more, she seems like fun, awesome person to be around from.

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17 hours ago, Prettyphile said:

For clothing? Or is it more lingerie. Either way that's one hell of a production for lingerie/clothing o.o Keep on with it VS.




I saw one of Grace’s commercial for the fall collection and it was fantastic!! 

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41 minutes ago, CandleVixen said:

Would somebody translate for me? Google Translate hates my phone. 


On the show:

- They had to take a step back this year so that they could come back stronger next year.

- Ed was the one that told them all in person that the show was cancelled.

- While the show's cancellation is a delicate matter, it was the right decision. It's better to have the show cancelled this year than "do it all wrong" and having everyone criticizing it again.


On the topic of Ed and the whole trans-comments mess, she said she's really close to him and that he's 71 years old, he "made" some of the biggest models and he made the show. Times have changed and he noticed that he wasn't helping VS (with his comments, I suppose). As such, he was the one who decided to leave so the brand could pave its own path.


Regarding Valentina Sampaio, Laís said she has a tendency to push forward people she likes, not only in VS but also in real life. She says Valentina is a really beautiful girl who can help bring down some stereotypes and make herself an example so she's really happy that VS shot with them and that the brand is opening itself to diversity.

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21 hours ago, Prettyphile said:


Besides having the red in common, there is nothing that I have seen that is remotely the same as Sara's fragrance shoot (maybe I missed something?). I still feel like this is for the show or for a new event, maybe even Halloween, or Christmas related?

Honestly, I saw the second video and thought of the Mean Girls scene with the school bus 'cause she is just walking towards traffic like....

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none of the new Fall line pictures are wowing me. I really just don't like much black and white photography unless it's in black and white because it's old (ex: I love looking at pictures of old punk bands that were photographed in black and white, that shit is grimy and cool).


I also don't like how the girls are posing, even Grace's pictures look bad. I saw a few pictures I liked, but maybe like 2. I think Romee and Elsa look terrible. Martha actually looks the best, I can't believe I just said that. ok I'm done for now lol



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