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The Official Victoria's Secret Thread

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10 minutes ago, JJMarvel said:

Sara isn't even in this campaign? And Lais has been getting plenty enough of VS attention lately, I don't think there's a reason to complain tbh.

you are right there is no reason to complain about the treatment of Lais it wasn't my goal. I confused with the images posted on the previous pages, there was a lot of solo shoot with Sara that I appreciated

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36 minutes ago, toodarnhot said:

I just walked by the VS store about an hour ago and the window posted is this stunning photo of Lais that I don’t think was posted here. But the impact of it is great. It definitely draws your eye when you walk past. 



Are there any people in the store? :D

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Just now, Dipit said:

Is it bad that just by grammar alone, I know who it is?

I have no idea who they are because they don't appear to post often. If you know something I should know PM me :rofl:

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