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  1. Yea, you are right, but we miss and love you Lily!!!
  2. Thank you so much for the information, I didn't know abut her PuraStill role!
  3. Guys, did she worked on ANYTHING in the past 6 months?Because all I see from her is attending to parties and galas, but no campaigns, no covers, no anything, not even a catalogue. I miss her and I have the feeling that her model career went downhill since she broke up with Leo.
  4. no.more.angels. vs. please. Last two angels are totally not for me however I never hated angels lol...
  5. I used to be a big fan of her, but now that she lost her amazing shape and face somehow I just don't like her anymore. I also think that this dark hair doesn't suit her.
  6. It's very interesting. She's an official VS angel but still can promote other lingerie brands? BTW She looks amazing and I love the fact she wear more colors in her recent red carpet events!
  7. Alexina just doesn't have the face, body and personality for VS. There's nothing to do with ehr hair colour, lol. Cinthia Dicker should have been the first red heaird angel years ago... I can totally imagine A VS Angel line up lead by Barbara, Romee and Taylor.
  8. I see that Alexina is your special favourite, so I'm not getting into any form of discussion of that. This was not my opinion, these are most of the people's opinion = fact.
  9. I man why everyone fight back that *you are jealous of Alexina* when I just say I dont want her to be an angel? I mean not every negative comment says youa re jealous of someone. I haven't seen this much negativity about an angel EVER in VS history. Why they hell would the girls be jealous of her? I think she is nothing special, sorry, but that's the truth. The Angel line now up now is: Alexina Barbara Behati Candice Elsa Jasmine Josephine Lais Martha Romee Sara Stella Taylor My dream line up would be: Barbara Candice Grace Gizele Oliveira Jasmine Josephine Romee Taylor - that's all LOL, more than enough angel already! Why VS needs a TON of them?
  10. I'm so happy for Barbara but I can't believe VS made Alexina an angel. It seems everyone is agreeing with me so I have no idea why they did that.
  11. I think Romee and Taylor are the next big duo of VS - I will be honest, I don't care any of the NA if they are there.
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