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The Official Victoria's Secret Thread


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I honestly can't appreciate change if it goes from bad to worse ! The cowboy theme dosnt resonate sexy to me personally and I can understand why fans are complaining... Aspen seemed like such a great idea for the location it's oppulant, it's dreamy and romantic ! For me Aspen gave me keywords like- cozy, wintery, getaway, luxury but I guess it's not even close to what I expected

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14 hours ago, Clauds said:


I will lose my shit in the best way if Adriana and Elsa get paired <img alt=":rofl:" data-emoticon src="https://www.bellazon.com/main/uploads/emoticons/rofl.gif" title=":rofl:"/>   everyone looks great, love the changes they did this year

I'm losing mine over that shot of Taylor and Sara in black

11 hours ago, Stormbringer said:


So angry


Such a desister

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Jasmine is looking so bored everyday :idk: 

I'm so glad Ed got his shit together and put Saylor together, they might not be thight but heck they make such a great duo! They look so so hot! And I think they did shoot with Bay, otherwise Sara wouldnt have implied that.

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The garbage bags on their head is not for the commercial, it was raining and they needed to save the hair.


I'm not going to complain about anything just yet until I see the final product. I'm just wondering, what country Taylor Swift song are they going to slap on it when it airs?

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