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  1. Hi guys any update on Hanna Ferguson ? She has been congratulating others so I am not hopeful but untill she isnt confirmed to be not walking I want to stay positive !!
  2. I am confused ! What is Alexina excited about ? She didn't use the word angel ! And I hope it's that way .... Alexina is a downgrade for VS honestly
  3. For me her undyed roots were the biggest giveaway. Apart from the belly
  4. When you got it you flaunt it I am sure she is just proud of her body. I don't see it as coming from a place of seeking approval.
  5. The thing is, I don't care if you don't believe in my views and you shouldn't care if 5 people discuss her apparent bitchiness and you think it's false. People can have different views that don't match yours. That's what is simple
  6. This is a general vs forum you understand that right ? Noone is going to censor themself to soothe inflated Candice fandom ego who can't digest the fact that some people don't see her as godess. I suggest you hang around Insta fabclubs where you will find like minded people who worship her. I happen to find her fake too around the time she was just starting. This was before I even began lurking on bellazon but I happen to meet people here who also got the same feeling and interestingly had video clips to support their argument. So unless you have any actual reason to point to the contrary which doesn't involve the argument "we never spent time with her" (which applies to you too) go on. Untill then add my name to the list of people calling her pre pregnancy years fake and boring !
  7. Lol you have a flaw in your summary if you wanted to point out Candice talk had no weight ... You just define being fake on camera and then accuse 1 commenter of calling it like it is ! The whole discussion was that her on camera persona is a obvious put on but the bitchiness leak out of her at times which was a contradiction and it's a turn off ! I understand having to have a "on screen persona" but I would much rather models be themself and I am guessing a lot more people like things to be like that !
  8. Thank you @toodarnhot and @Souled-Out I could never have guessed. Initially when I would lurk and read Gisele being referred as a goat I tried to reason maybe she resembles a goat !? How silly of me
  9. Can someone explain GOAT to me. I understand its some sort of compliment because Gisele and Adriana and sometimes Candice is called a goat but what does it imply?
  10. Ahmmm they violently promoted Candice which was mildly annoying too BUT the difference is Candice was worth the hype while Josephine wasted all her promotion with her loose swinging hands walk. I bet people wouldn't have complained much if both her walks were good. I can't believe I am saying this but I can tollarate peudo sexy slow voice Candice interviews over burst into tears peudo cutesy Josephine interviews.
  11. My review for VSFS 2017 can be summed up like this. Usually I watch the show first with the utmost concentration (even 2015) and then re-watch it again and then maybe re rewatch my favourite parts but this year I barely could get myself to watch it till the end. I haven't watch it again at all till now and I am guessing I barely watched the goddess segment past Lais's exit because I can't recall anything after it. I am over it, Ale left good for her. VS doesn't deserve her time. Adriana should leave too it's just not prestigious anymore. Ok my thoughts .... The Blanca hype is real. She really does have the vs magic which is missing .... Ming breaking down once she left the ramp was sad to watch. Lily consoling her was such a tender moment, not her fan but no wonder she has so many fan following. Also,lily did great this year. I loved the pianist, the music was truly the highlight for me. All of them did a good job. Nadine is such a cutie. Georgia deserved a second outfit. The girl makes it look easy to walk down the runway ... Candice opening slayed. Elsa, Stella, Jas, Romee barely got any attention. Bruna looked lovely and she redeamed herself this year. Adriana is classic. She will never disappoint me. I don't know how ! But in a sea of Martha hate I just can't find myself thinking maybe she just walks bad. I loved her walk .... I love her personality so maybe it's just my thing. Romee always serves it on the runway. Grace Bol stood out. So did Aiden. Sara's opening looked lovely, she has a great walk so i sort of knew she will rock the outfit in motion, but the wings are just really bad to photograph good so Sara can't be blamed. Grace E is lovely as usual. I loved Alana as well for pink. My favourite segment was a winter's tale and I have w my reasons ! My least favourite segment was Goddess e because I can't recall it right now. This might change once I rewatched it when I have some time.
  12. Josephine fans can ignore my rant: If this were my first year watching this show and I had to bet who was leaving the show based on the amount of love they got from VS I would have thought Josephine was leaving. They kept bringing her back on air. I kept thinking it's a 40 minutes show stop giving 10 mins to Josephine !! The overexposure was cringeworthy by the end of it all. VS is so desperate to force her crybaby face onto us that it completely put me off of her(were they trying to sabotage her by the constantly making her speak like the way she does ?) VS a little subtly goes a long way .....promote her after giving her some speach modulation/articulation sessions, the girl gives me weird vibes when she talks like she will cry any second from all the overwhelmingnsss of VSFS ! Jo's extraness made me miss the nepo squad .... Atleast someone else will be on screen !?
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