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Radiohead or Muse

thats haute

Radiohead or Muse  

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  1. 1. Which do you prefer?

    • Radiohead
    • Muse

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Penny penny if the royalty was against the stupidity you should drink a tea.

Pennyroyal. with sugar. hot water. sweet on lips.

Fresh breath and free spirit. Time for abortion.

yes, I can be arrogant and pretend to be better than the “normal” people about the music because I KNOW and I show a real Interest for the music world. I’m very implicate and that’s why I think I’m better to judge an artist.

I’ve got musicians and producers friends. I’m interesting by all the things in the management tour and promotions. I love the record studio and I’m always curious of all the things who can happened inside. I’m always happy to discover new band, new artist or a new kind of music. I try to listen many times records before to judge an artist. (and when I wrote my first message about muse, I was listening Muse... not for the pleasure but to be the most honest!)

I’m not limited at music that people can listen at the radio, TV or discover in magazines like Rolling Stones.

And I prefer to talk about music with people like a friend of mine, Mark Trombino who is the Jimmy Eat World, Blink 182, motion city soundtract, Silverstein, Mineral, Meat Puppet’s Producer and the drummer and of one of my favourite band : Drive Like Jehu or talk about my musical psychedelic jazz dreams’ interpretation with Barrett Martin (Mad Season’s, REM’s, Stone Temple Pilots’, Queens Of The Stones Age’s, Screaming Trees’ drummer) than to talk with people like you… who only judge an artist on a good “feeling” and not on the “talent ”or creativity (by the way I never read a rock critic put your arguments... XD “why you should buy this record X band? because I feel their music! Feeling are so great!!!” ) and maybe my message can shock you but my critics never shocked musicians and producers... next to them I’m really “soft” ! they are really more violent and impartial than me. :persuazn:

And when you listen radiohead at the radio, I’m with my “sippy-cup” in backstage and I talk with musicians...

I know you could say the same thing if it was radiohead… because you aren’t here to say “why you like/dislike muse or radiohead” but to critic me. you look for the conflict because I represent your opposite. I dislike the things you like and you hate this.

After sorry if I’m able to put arguments. When I say “I love” I’m able to say “why” and when I say I dislike i can say “why” too.

And I’m really sorry if I can’t say “amen” and appreciate everything.

you don’t take care when I say “I love” but you are shocked when I say “I dislike”

I talked about many different artists and muse is the first band I critic and that’s a drama… as here I wasn’t allowed to have an opinion.

have a opinion means to have arguments. when I talked about muse ( I’ve got 3 album and I already saw them) I think I can put arguments about what I say.

I critiqued Terry Richardson. I think “vulgar” (sorry but I really think he is vulgar) and that’s a drama too… but as you can see I can appreciate other photographers. And when you critiqued the other photographers’ job… when you say “we don’t recognize the models and blablabla” I tolerate your opinion even if I think you’re wrong... by the way I don’t think your critic is really nice for the other photographers!

You like him, and me not. everybody his tastes. we won’t spend hours to know who is right and who is wrong!

Maybe you can spend your time to do these things. Me not. i’m a young woman of 22 years old I’ve got a life. I finish to “built” the apartment I bought there are few months and maybe I will buy another apartment in Paris before the end of year. So sorry if I can’t spend my life on my computer, the buttocks on a chair and wrote 6000 messages in a year. I ain’t get time to develop a kid quarrel.

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Radiohead, i could never really get into muse

And I can't really get into Radiohead :/ plus Thom Yorke reminds me of a person I know, a very irritating one :ninja: so I voted Muse, tho I don't really listen to them.

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