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  2. General Celebrity Gossip

    I've read in Tumblr that Nicolas Ghesquière (43) is dating Pelayo Díaz (27), a Spanish fashion blogger. http://www.abc.es/estilo/gente/20140525/abci-conquista-alta-costura-pelayo-201405231720.html http://www.elmundo.es/loc/2014/05/31/5388c3e4ca4741e7208b4571.html http://www.vanitatis.elconfidencial.com/noticias/2014-06-01/david-delfin-y-pelayo-rehacen-su-vida-cada-uno-por-su-lado_139195/
  3. Kendra Spears

    Princess Salwa & Prince Rahim Aga Khan at Brown University.
  4. Kendra Spears

    Princess Salwa Aga Khan with her husband Prince Rahim at Brown University.
  5. Kendra Spears

    She finished high school at the same time as studying for college, majoring in sociology and architecture. She always reads The Economist. She doesn't want to be seen as a promoter of rampant consumption or superficial beauty. She treasures silence, isolation, getting back to nature... This princess and supermodel is perfect! "It shouldn't be a surprise to meet a supermodel who is as thoughtful and intelligent as Kendra Spears, but somehow it is -a very pleasant surprise."
  6. Kendra Spears

    Kendra Spears and Domenique Melchior.
  7. Princess Madeleine

    Princess Madeleine gives birth to baby girl: http://www.hellomagazine.com/royalty/2014022117118/princess-madeleine-of-sweden-gives-birth/
  8. Kendra Spears

    Thanks for those, 2324lebron. Much appreciated! hellomagazine.com
  9. Kendra Spears

    Prince Rahim and Princess Salwa visit Kenya in January 2014.
  10. Kate Upton

    This one is stunning.
  11. Kendra Spears

    Prince Rahim And Princess Salwa Aga Khan Open New Diamond Trust Bank Headquarters In Nairobi, Kenya.
  12. Kendra Spears

    Prince Rahim Aga Khan and Princess Salwa visit the Aga Khan Academy, Mombasa: http://www.agakhanacademies.org/general/prince-rahim-aga-khan-and-princess-salwa-visit-aga-khan-academy-mombasa
  13. General Celebrity Gossip

    Sara Carbonero and Iker Casillas welcome baby boy Martin: http://www.laineygossip.com/(X(1)A(CAMdUX38zAEkAAAAMmM2ZDYwZjYtYmQ0Zi00MDBiLWI5OGQtYWE3Zjc1YjkyYjlkvZhJGWenSXOx4VkrGiqRhwF99Z01))/Sara-Carbonero-and-Iker-Casillas-welcome-baby-boy-Martin/29023
  14. I rated you with 5 stars. You're one of the best forumers on here.

    1. 2324lebron


      Thank you so much! Then how come my rating is only 4 stars? Somebody is messing with me, lol.

    2. La Parisienne

      La Parisienne

      You should ask PinkCouture about your rating. The only certain thing is I gave you 5 stars. You have my word.

  15. Sheila Marquez

    Thanks for those!