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The best campaign model #2


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Mariacarla Boscono: 13- 12 :Agyness Deyn

First Part

Tenth Round

(By me) Karen Elson X Katja Shchekina (By Joe & Francy)

Campaign one

Louis Vuitton X Byblos

th_83267_karen2_122_166lo.jpg post-6812-0-1446064057-08399_thumb.jpg VS. th_84284_katja1_122_162lo.jpg th_84285_katja2_122_79lo.jpg

Campaign two

Valentino X Replay

th_83271_karen3_122_149lo.jpg post-6812-0-1446064057-11496_thumb.jpg VS. th_84287_katja3_122_37lo.jpg th_84315_katja4_122_201lo.jpg

Campaign three

Yves Saint Laurent X Dolce & Gabbana

post-6812-0-1446064057-13226_thumb.jpg th_83315_karen6_122_906lo.jpg VS. th_84319_katja50_122_83lo.jpg th_84328_katja6_122_988lo.jpg


Yves Saint Laurent X Dolce & Gabbana

post-6812-0-1446064057-14036_thumb.jpg VS. th_84348_katja7_122_375lo.jpg

I will not count ties! So please, if there's a tie, choose one of them :flower:

:chicken: Vote!! :chicken:

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