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The best campaign model #2


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Natalia Vodianova: 13- 05 :Kate Moss

First Part

Thirteenth Round

(By me) Raquel Zimmermann X Erin Wasson (By Francy)

Campaign one

Valentino X H&M

post-6812-0-1446064068-61995_thumb.jpg post-6812-0-1446064069-02847_thumb.jpg VS. post-6812-0-1446064069-35037_thumb.jpg post-6812-0-1446064069-74735_thumb.jpg

Campaign two

Lanvin X Donna Karan

post-6812-0-1446064072-50119_thumb.jpg th_06163_raquel4_122_932lo.jpg VS. th_05906_erin3_122_81lo.jpg post-6812-0-1446064072-82035_thumb.jpg

Campaign three

Fendi X Michael Kors

th_06164_raquel5_122_612lo.jpg post-6812-0-1446064072-88511_thumb.jpg VS. post-6812-0-1446064072-93075_thumb.jpg post-6812-0-1446064073-00078_thumb.jpg


Chanel X Chanel

post-6812-0-1446064073-04772_thumb.jpg VS. post-6812-0-1446064073-09693_thumb.jpg

I will not count ties! So please, if there's a tie, choose one of them :flower:

:chicken: Vote!! :chicken:

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Campaign One: Raquel for Valentino, that campaign is amazing!

Campaign Two: Raquel for Lanvin, one of my favorite campaigns ever.

Campaign Three: Raquel for Fendi, both are beautiful but Raquel looks stunning here.

Eyewear: Raquel for Chanel, I don't really like Erin's shot.

Overall: Raquel Zimmermann

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