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  1. Thanks for all of the posts! In my opinion, Kate is extremely underrated.
  2. HQ's Spring/Summer 2018 - Anna Sui vogue.it
  3. I haven't visited Bellazon in a long time. Thanks for all of the Cintia posts everyone!
  4. Milan Fashion Week - Spring/Summer 2017 - Etam (HQ's) credit: theimpression.com
  5. Bobstore - Winter 2016 campaign video bobstore.com.br
  6. Portret Magazin - February 2016 Photographer: Zarko Culik zarkoculik.com
  7. Polaroids modellink.se I'm not sure when these are from, but I have never seen them before. Katarina has new ones on her Instagram account, but I'm not going to post them.
  8. So beautiful in the last 2 posts.
  9. Peter Hahn - Fall 2015 (HQ) peterhahn.co.uk
  10. Hope Lingerie - Spring 2015 hopelingerie.com.br
  11. Peter Hahn - Spring 2015 (HQ) peterhahn.co.uk
  12. Do you know who this other woman is? No idea. Sorry. Try posting her picture in the models ID thread. http://www.bellazon.com/main/forum/47-model-id/
  13. Nataniele is beautiful. She sometimes reminds me of a young Adriana Lima. It is tough that she has been at modeling for years now and has had no major success. Unfortunately this happens to many.
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