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  1. photos for Cavalli is AMAZING!!!!111 Thanks))
  2. PingWin

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    Army Of Lovers - Sexual Revolution
  3. Caroline W Caroline T Raquel Tyra
  4. PingWin

    Kelly Ripa

    now i watch hope&faith and this is fabulous))) Kelly is soooo fun.And she's so hot but only 3 seasons(( And I'm upset that Kelly have not normal roles more...almost <_<
  5. omg)I saw her in Russia...yeeeeap))) So,photo of B day M)She is so happy))amazing)) ===================================== mmmm ===================================== Madonna is swiming other pic: http://madonnadownload.com/gallery.html http://allaboutmadonna.com/2009/08/madonna...ust-17-2009.php
  6. thank you :*

  7. thanks for the site))) i know that Im right)) thank you :*
  8. Guys plz help me, this photo from Christian Dior A/W 07/08????? Just some people confirm that it is from John Galliano's show... how i can proved that they are not right?
  9. PingWin


    thaats cool video))) Thanks))) and Madonna's songs)ehuuu
  10. PingWin


    oooh,michelabella thank you sooo much i like this photos)amazing
  11. PingWin


    woow Guys,plz,anybody have photo from this video?! :drool:
  12. hm,interesting) thanks michelabella)
  13. wooow,so sexy)) Why she so often puts on black?!
  14. what is it?o_O photoalbum?!o_O
  15. yeees me to) I have ticket to St. Peterburg)ehuuuuu Are you buy in Fan zone A-gold?
  16. ээм,что я собиралась?о_О

    ну так,маленько нашла)

  17. нее,тут есть еще русские)

    о каких планах,ты про что?!)

  18. оо,я оочень сильна расстроена на самом деле:DD

  19. wow,as cover looks greate)) thanks michelabella ))
  20. PingWin


    cute) but she looks like housewife And why his son always with them?))
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