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  1. Omg thank you @Minerva13, I did not expect to see unseen photos of her! What a surprise! I love the Mustang jeans ad and the ed, thanks!!! ❤️
  2. ve.ro.nika


    I'm busy to tell you about while interview but she says that she's not with Lamothe anymore but they are still friends and she's in love again. Other than that there's nothing new. She's travelling a lot, she won't talk about her new boyfriend, she has happy hearts etc etc. Nothing new.
  3. OMG :shock: Miche, that's amazing! Congratuations! When the others get their gift I hope you'll share with us what is inside
  4. I think it might be Sofia Resing from castings, she has very similar body type.
  5. Zena a zivot July 2015, Czech republic
  6. I thought it was Izabel O_o anyway she's my favorite so far, she has an amazing body
  7. What a surprise! VV papped in Prague super.cz
  8. Elle Czech Republic, Toms charity project
  9. Wow the Vogue Brazil ed is simply amazing. Every photo is a masterpiece, I love especially water and earth themes
  10. nooo. I was looking forward to see her at MET. I hope at least KK will attend, she and Gisele are always highlights of the night
  11. ^^ haha yes, I'm Czech myself but I have no idea who these people are i know only like 4 of them. Also, I'm kinda dissapointed with the cover photos, i think many photos from the eds would make a better cover than the photos they chose
  12. I love every picture I've seen so far Thank you for posting everyone!
  13. I'm so happy for her, she's going to be a great angel . Also, I'm really jealous of her hair
  14. I can't wait to see full ed The priviews look really promising
  15. Wow! What an amazing cover! One of the best I've ever seen. Can't wait to see the editorial, it's goin to be epic!
  16. I would like to see at leats one of these models in SI: Blanca Padilla, Daniela Braga, Elsa Hosk, Monika Jagaciak, Lana Zakocela, Luma Grothe, Edita V., Taylor Hill or Xenia Deli. But I'm afraid they'll pick someone like Kelly R...
  17. ^^ exactly. I think she said final good bye to brazilian runways but I think (and hope) she'll occasionally walk in Paris for a big brand.
  18. Where is that photo of Gisele on the t-shirt from? It reminds me of her Vogue India ed but I'm not sure.
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    Grazia magazine - full editorial
  20. ve.ro.nika


    One more from Grazia
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