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  1. Gilligan

    VS Model's ID

    Thanks. How about this one? Thanks again. V586221.jpg
  2. Gilligan

    VS Model's ID

    Who is she? Thanks! "V586205_CROP1.jpg" "V586205.jpg"
  3. Gilligan

    VS Model's ID

    Who is she? Thanks so much. She looks like Caroline Francischini from a long time ago. "V584338_CROP1.jpg" "V584338.jpg"
  4. Gilligan

    VS Model's ID

    Who is she? Thanks. "V579260_CROP1.jpg" "V579260.jpg"
  5. do i detect a note of *gasp* sarcasm??? thanks for the scan see? ppl still thank u for ur adri scans <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Yes, it would be nice, but for some reason you seem compelled to antagonize me with a smart ass comment every time I post in this forum. You win, I won
  6. Torben, I can talk to you in two forums!
  7. Edit: Sorry, I got to thinking, and it is pointless to argue about this. I think my actions bummed you out destronica, and I am very sorry for doing that. You are super in my book. P.S. That was not me who made the unregistered post above.
  8. Those are awesome scans. Thanks so much. Oh, wait, never mind. Those are my scans. Thanks for the credit. <_< Another bummer visit to this forum.
  9. No offense, but if you are going to edit pics you should do it with your own scans or with scans that have been originally posted in this forum. It really is the height of arrogance to think you can
  10. Gilligan

    Jessica Alba

    Hey, my computer virus software blocked a trojan when I cllicked on one of these pics. track2[1].htm Exploit-MhtRedir.gen May want to check your computers.
  11. Note: Don’t read this drivel unless you are bored. I have never understood why you and other forums let people say negative things about a model in their thread. It only invites people to start flaming. It is not that much fun seeing a bunch of great pics and come across remarks where someone is clearly being an ass. It just makes no sense to let people do this, and any moderator will have trouble telling the difference between an asinine and genuine remark based on their own bias (whether they are willing to admit it or not). As a moderator do you want to spend all your time refereeing these fights? Why not have a separate thread devoted to venting and negative remarks about models and prohibit people from making negative comments in the model thread? Just remove the fuel that starts the fire. How many people have posted a picture because they hate the model or their looks? Most people that continually visit or are active in a thread are there because they like the model and want to see good pics and get some news. If you want to read all the negative comments you can go to the separate venting thread. Simple solution and people are less likely to flame each other. That rule you keep talking about is not written is stone is it? Just a though.
  12. Thanks to ImageShack for Free Image Hosting
  13. Thanks to ImageShack for Free Image Hosting
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