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Boob jobs


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Why do so many perfectly beautiful women get them?

Why do a lot of girls go too big when they opt for breast enlargement? (If you go too big, they become obviously fake. This might be a matter of taste, but I never thought obviously silicone enhanced breasts were all that appealing)

Did any of you ever consider it and why (not)?

FWIW, I never heard any man say "she'd be beautiful if she upped her cup size". Basically, as shallow as we may seem, it factors fairly low on our list of demands. Well, for most of us anyway.

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But men stare at breasts as if they were Gods gift to men.

Would you stare equally if the woman was flat chested? :idk:

I never stare at the breasts to begin with, I'm more of an ass-legs man. :p

Anyway, breasts size is a way overrated aspect when it comes to what is perceived as beautiful in a woman's body.

I don't understand the psychology of a woman who feels the need to go from a B to a D cup for instance. :idk:

I can somewhat understand a woman who has a very small A-cup, but even there, she should realize that a lot of men don't really care about breast size.

I think women would be surprised how many men care little about this. It doesn't stand in proportion with the scale of women's obsession with it at least.

I guess it's the equivalent of the male's obsession with penis size, with the difference that there is actually some value to the bigger-is-better thinking with a penis...

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I don't fill an A cup. I am as flat as they come. I have great legs however, but being so super skinny I don't have much of an ass either. Have breasts would make me feel more like a woman and not a boy :cry: people have mistaken me for a man before because I am so stickthin

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I never stare at the breasts to begin with, I'm more of an ass-legs man. :p

Me too. I should buy you a beer just for saying that. Well, if I was 21 I could.

I would love to buy you both a beer.. It would be nice to have a conversation with someone who isn't staring at your chest he whole time.

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Have they already Qome up with Penis Augmentation, yet?

Yes. But there is a 50% chance of irreversible damage.

Is the irreversable damage a constant woody.. If so, I think I unfortunately may know a few men that have had that done...

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