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Barbara Palvin


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Because it sound stupid. You (in general)are all sounding like you are 4.

Barbara is not ur friend and I guess none of her real friends is calling her "Barbie?

plus, it's an American nickname & she is not American.

I mean Barbie? Come on! I t sound so so so idiotic.

And Wendyloren, I don't yell,

Thank you very much.


Unfortunately, models have stupid nicknames that "fans" are giving them.

God bless the "fans"

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It didn't occur to me until it was pointed out that she resembles Natalia. I mean yeah they look sort of alike, especially from the side and certain angles, but I think Barbara gives a very different impression from Natalia, especially when she's not smiling. They look similar when they smile, but on the VS runway and in the holiday commercials where Barbara isn't smiling, she doesn't look like Natalia much at all.

I see a bit of Stephanie Seymour in Barbara, actually. That was my first impression of who Barbara looked like.

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Elnett Concert Video......on YouTube....the quality is not as good as the Vimeo one.....

L'Oréal Elnett TV Ad featuring Natasha Poly, Barbara Palvin and Bianka Balti

It is an awful looking horrendous commercial and all the models look so different and unfamiliar...I don't like the heavy dark eye-make up and the short curly hairstyle on Barbara ...and the rich dark golden lighting...it is so unflattering !!!!

L'Oreal must have spent a LOT of money on it no doubt but it is a complete failure....The Song is horrible and Barbara is NOT a rock chick or a rebel ....none of them are ......

I like Barbara with long, straight or softly curling wavy hair with soft angelic make -up....Her new L'Oreal photo is incredibly beautiful and angelic.....LOVE IT !!!!!


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Zero resemblance



eyes shape/color

shape of face




Hmm I don't know...I think it all depends on the camera angles , the make-up applied, the lighting, the hair, the facial exp<b></b>ressions etc...It is a very well known fact that during her first years Barbara was called Baby Natalia , Natalia Mini-Me by the fashion industry itself........She still is called Baby Natalia sometimes ....every other question posed to her during interviews was about her opinion on Natalia .......

In these photos they look strikingly similar....like sisters .....like twins.....mirror images ......no one can argue that they do not lookalike judging by these remarkably similar looking photos.....Frenchkiki' judge for yourself.....


my eyes don't see the resemblance at all. they only have the same color of skin, hair, eyes. the shape of face is so different, the eyes shape are different too, also the nose and the lip. they are so different. I don't understand how the fashion calls her baby Natalia. I have never seen the similary. I think is pretty stupid to call her like that cuz they don't look nothing like.

I don't see why the fist over her nicknames. we could call her however we want, we have the right to call her however we want we our her fans. well Barbie is just easier and shorter to write instead of writing BARBARA that is too long. I can be lazy sometimes to write her full name, even thou is only 1 letter of difference, anyways it goes on her she looks like a real Barbie doll. I don't understand what is the big deal why the fist. I don't see you making a big deal for the candice's fan calling her candy or adriana calling her Dri, etc, etc.

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I like Barbie...it is a cute nickname and seems appropriate cos of her staggering doll-like looks...she reminds me of a Barbie Doll beceuse her beauty is almost unrealistic and doll-like.........

This child looks like a Little Barbara....She is absolutely adorable....... :angie: :angie:


I could see the resemblance.

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