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  1. Nuke126

    Marion Cotillard

    what movie is this from?
  2. Kate could be a SI spokesperson who reveals this year's cover model. never know.
  3. anyone know where i can download the Route 66 episode?
  4. anyone have the original of this picture (or larger)?
  5. anyone have the original larger picture this came from?
  6. Barbara Palvin 5 Clara Alonso 2 Emily Blunt 2 Hilary Rhoda 3 Dar Zuzovsky 1
  7. Happy Birthday ;)

  8. Chloe is going to be on tonights episode of 30 Rock
  9. Nuke126


    who is the blonde girl at :09-:12 seconds?
  10. she's in the new music video for Brandon Flowers (The Killers) new solo single "Crossfire"
  11. wow, that's the hottest i've seen adriana in a while
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