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  1. Not only a good actor but super sexy!!
  2. I LOVE him!! Thanks for starting the topic. I'll find some pics soon..
  3. She's even doing talk-shows and interviews now... http://www.glennbeck.com/2012/02/20/former-victoria-secret-model-kylie-bisutti-opens-up-about-her-faith-career-on-gbtv
  4. Although Adri has the better face obviously, Erin's has a better and more shapely lower body. Adri's legs are just so stick-like sometimes!
  5. Also her legs are big but look kind of muscular...I wonder if that's from overdoing it at the gym.
  6. Who say's all models, even VS ones, have to be stick thin? Because she's so popular, she can get away with looking bigger I'm sure. Also, her body might never go back to how it once looked. She might permanetly have this figure. She was already working out, what... 6 hours a day and had a nutritionist I'm sure. Pregnancy can change a women's body permanently and some women never return to the body they once had....or never exactly the same again.
  7. collegegirl


    Mothers can bond with their new born by walking them around in a snuggly while they sleep. So it's not just that newborn babies sleep all day and they should be left alone. The Mother/child bond at this stage is important.
  8. That women has really good bone structure and face symmetry to begin with which is why she can morph herself into so many different people. I don't think everyone could just apply that makeup and look like Adri. she also has the full lips. Still crazy though.
  9. yep until someone gets to know her on a personal level, no one knows what she is like. There is a public persona that people portray and then there is their real side. "Never meet your hero's. You will be severely disappointed" That's a famous quote someone said. And I believe it to be true.
  10. This photo is personal, the other members don't like to see it here: ( The paparazzi pictures are also personal and stolen pictures... but u all love to see them, how weird?? Agreed. Some members here just like to have a holier than thou attitude as if they are the ONLY 'special and priviliged' ones to have access to Adri's private photos, which they then 'hoard' like kids at a candy store...lol (that's basically what it comes down to, not the feigned concern for her privacy!)
  11. It was one more photo of her and Valentina at the beach.
  12. cute...I like the sundresses but they're so short, they almost look like they outgrew them..I think dresses like that almost look better on short girls....I like Miranda's dress though...
  13. Oh please, I came across them online and thought they were funny. RELAX. (and what are you talking about...she's the most gorgeous bearded woman I've ever seen..lol)
  14. She looks hot with a beard if I do say so myself....
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