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Leonardo DiCaprio - (Please Read First Post Prior to Posting)


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Tks for Leo/Alejando video, but , for me when I try to view it they say not available in your country :idk:


My cable guide show the Oscar red carpet beginning at 7:00 EST and lasting a 90 minutes   with the actually award show beginning at 8:30 EST





My cable guide shows the ceremony lasting 3 hours, but it always seems to run over :p


Also I noticed the only photographer allowed to be there last night who was taking all the wonderful candids/posting videos was from  the French Gala magazine, so I guess they will have a big spread on the party in one of their upcoming issues. 


Please let us know if you see it :) 




Tks for more  Revenant/Armani pix  :)


You could see the room was packed with people , but even though I saw pix of  others there like Cate B,  Charlotte R, Anne Hathaway, Naomi C, Leo's pal Christopher W, I never saw a pix of Alejandro or Tom  :idk:


Yes, the pix with Steven Spielberg & Jeff K was taken at the annual "Night Before " party that raises money for actors' retirement fund .  Leo is a member of the board.  Even though I so far don't see any pix of Leo with them, his pals Bradley Cooper and Margot Robbie were ,also, there


Yes, I know what you mean about being excited and not getting much sleep tonight :p

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Latest Revenant domestic box office news



The Revenant may or may not sweep the Oscars tonight, but it crossed the $170 million domestic mark . The 20th Century Fox film earned $3.8m this weekend (-2%) for a new $170m cum  If it wins Best Picture (along with the presumed win for Leonardo DiCaprio for Best Actor), it will be the biggest-grossing winner since The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King ($377m) back in 2003. If it makes it to $178m, it will be DiCaprio’s fourth-biggest hit ever even when adjusted for inflation.


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I hope Leo wins Oscar this year. I really hope. I saw The revenant friday and it's a beautiful movie and Leo is just incredible, so I crosse my fingers for him.


I find 2 pics of the french show "action ou vérité". I think they don't post.


A bientôt, Mag

Capture13.PNG Capture12.PNG
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