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  1. If you dont uderstand him or wanna look in his face,why are you on a board that has his name attached it? sorry dont get it.
  2. Thanks for the real time update guys, he is looking sooo good, Loved the last pic and the caption. I really hope to see a picture with Lana.
  3. So many news and pictures, you guys are the best, I know, I always say that, but it is true. What a lovely quote from Emilia, I'm a GOT obsessed fan, so you know, I love the girl. Good to know that we have that same crush for life... LOL
  4. thanks for all the pics, loved it. I'm from titanic era, jack dawson ruined my heart, until this day. is not my favorite movie, or performance, but I dont know...jack made me fall in love with leo. after that, I was never the same. LOL
  5. Something about her reminds me of Bar Refaeli, maybe the body type..dont know..well, she is gorgeous, of course. but after that age thing, I was like:
  6. wow, so many updates and pics.. I know I say this all the time, but you guys are really the best. The J.LO thing, just made my day. Leo is a total flirt, I love that.
  7. he is looking very good in these new pics, I liked the style, different, but very cool.
  8. Marion Cottillard, the actress? Sorry, she is not in these pictures.
  9. Thanks for all the updated girls, you're the best. Very happy too about the revenat's success, I think its safe to say tha Leo's presence was the main factor of these amazing numbers. Our guy, has another level of star power. I would love to see him working with Alejandro again, for sure. Oh, and I'm inlove with his hair right now.
  10. Off topic, that is a shame, cause I would love to see Richard and Lily James together, since I saw Cinderela LOL But Lily has a boyfriend, so...I gues is not going to happen lol
  11. Leo looking at Rooney, yeah we know you Leo And I'm still inlove for that pic of Leo and Brie looking at each other. Loved all the pics and updates, thanks you so much girls.
  12. Sorry for the previous post, its happening something weird. LOL Anyway, sweet Rebel story, I cant blame her. About Erin's post on instagram, she always will be my favorite Leo ex girlfriend, that girl is precious and has a beautiful heart.
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