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  1. Toni looked good despite that mess of outfit, a bit gutted she didnt get a second one
  2. So happy to see Toni back at the VSFS i hope she gets nice outfits
  3. hi there, i havent been here in a while, i just saw Toni went to the VSFS casting and i hope she makes it, @Betzi wow are you sure its legit ? it would be so good to see her back working with VS
  4. thanks guys for the updates ! by the way , did anybody watch Toni's movie where she is playing Reeva ?
  5. Well according to this Reeva's family never knew a movie was being made and they werent happy with the way the script portrayed Reeva's death
  6. Toni is in LA she just posted it in her insta story
  7. I was hoping to see her make an appearence in paris but seems like walking the runway isnt for her anymore
  8. Finaly something about this movie i cant wait to watch Toni's acting as Reeva Also will she ever show up for Paris fashion week ?
  9. What the hell is she wearing ? anyway the handbag is the only great thing in this outfit plus thry look like they were enjoying their date
  10. Looks like she just woke up or very bored
  11. Agree with every word, i have to admit the last thing i expected is to see her hanging with Leo again ( and im a huge Leo fan ), i remember last year how bad its ended with Chandler it kinda came out of nowhere and im happy she has nothing to do with him i mean look at him acting like a wanna be fame wh*re seeking attention and geting around Toni worked hard these past two years on her image and charity, her career took a bit of a slump but its still steady and strong i hope her image wont suffer from anything coming from her personal life and she doent get hurt at the end
  12. she does grayi a good color on her a lot
  13. with Leo at Unitas event http://www.justjared.com/2017/09/13/leonardo-dicaprio-ex-toni-garrn-reunite-after-holding-hands-in-nyc/
  14. thank you !!!! love toni's look !!!
  15. its been a while a i haven't posted something in this board but i keep checking it, Toni and Leo again ? thats suprising but may be it was just exes haning out again anyway this will make the headlines again ...
  16. Nice photoshoot its very different from her recent work On another note toni just followed chandler again on insta
  17. There isnt much to sum up but here is what we know : everything was cool until rumors started swirling on instagram last week that he was more than hanging out Hailey Baldwin who posted a pic on her snapshat of both on their hands wearing the same watch, all his friends liked the pic then they were together in a pre halloween party and Hailey even posted a pic of her with him ( he was wearing a mask but in an instagram story you can recognize him), Toni after the VSFS was supposed to fly to Menphis for his bday but it seems like she didnt gi and two days later she unfollowd chandler and kept these past few days liking break up and betrayal posts on instagram
  18. There is no doubt he leaked the news he just reached a new level of low and of course he unfollowed hailey and i wont be surprised if he is the one who asked her to take the picture down so he wont be labeled a cheat
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