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  1. It's mainly to maintain the status quo (I have read enough of your posts and I know you already know what the status quo is) that VS had over the past couple of decades. VS has had numerous issues that needed to be have been addressed since the early 2010s but it was easier to sweep it in the under rug , blame everyone else who didn't fit the standards of VS for whatever reason, or stay the same and wait until trends turn back into their favor.
  2. Outside of the few media outlets that reported the story, who is "everybody" that is going into panic about VS? Did it even trend on Twitter? Many of the comments are like "we are already knew this summer, why are they just saying it now". Shanina "she isn't even an Angel, so how would she know according to BZ" Shaik broke the news this summer.
  3. It's more like the clients she works for her prefer for her to model their clothes with her crossing streets in order to give the illusion of length.
  4. I may not agree with everything Kate said but I don't have any problems with her saying it. She rarely brings up the topic about VS herself and she doesn't owe VS anything. I thought Andy subtly shady when he asked Kate did she work for VS.
  5. Yes you were. That was a bad decision for her to date her boss and it wasn't a shock that Seth was going to marginalized her character when they broke up.
  6. Is Madison Grace just an insta model that VS is using or is just a regular model that works for VS but doesn't a have a contract with them?
  7. VS lost clout because they're not inclusive enough and SI is losing clout for being too inclusive. I think Ed realizes he will be opening up the floodgates if he caves to the PC crowd. MJ has got to be trolling with those photos of Hunter.
  8. She should be performing at Coachella instead of being a spectator. Where did it go wrong in her career that's she's more or less an Instagram Model that gets small guess starring roles in sitcoms and YouTube singer that gets no promo for her music.
  9. bucky

    General Discussion

    The show should hit a million views pretty soon. It's currently at 894K after being at 324K 24 hours ago. I don't know what Karlie was thinking when she did her shimmy shake or whatever she tried to do.
  10. bucky

    General Discussion

    Nikita at times looks like she's wearing a diaper especially the from the front. I think you still have to look like a model even if you're trans. VSFS shows was rebroadcast on ABC last night and it had a 1.92 rating.
  11. bucky

    General Discussion

    I get the point of VS not wing plus size models because of their size, etc but what's whole deal about not wanting transgender models? Some of them have small waists like Candice and they worked hard to keep their bodies in shape. Some people are offended because Ed was dog whistling (like MAGAt types and the alt right love to do) and was saying transgender women aren't really women without saying it. The anti sjw types are triggered that people are offended by something they said or done. MIss Universe used to be against have transgender contestants until a few years ago. They ev
  12. Adriana is a beautiful women that has bad judgment when it comes to men. There just some actresses/singers/models that are unlucky when it comes to men and she's one of them.

  13. It was Gisele. She said she doesn't even know how much money she makes. At first I was like everybody knows how much money they make but then I realize she could be telling the truth because athletes/celebrities/models have financial advisers that they trust with their money. That's also why some of them (putting my accountant hat on) are suspect to financial advisers stealing and defrauding them of millions of dollars.
  14. IMO, wearing the fantasy bra honors the Angel work and accomplishments with VS. If Elsa or Taylor wore it this year, it would validate them as upper tier Angels like many people already believe they being groomed to be. Adriana or Lele wearing it again would mean to some people that VS is playing it safe.
  15. Why? Are you basing it off the fact those 6 were the only ones that took that photo or do have more concrete evidence? Does Behati and Candice know that they are being faded out from VS the same year they became mothers?
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