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Joe's 5,000th POST ^_^

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After the crash I almost had to re-register, but now I have climbed back to the top of the mountain. I would like to thank the makers of this site and the user friendly accessibility and handling. I originally came to get some models IDed with no particular hopes or expectations, but what do you know, it worked pretty good you know do you know? I would like to thank Persuazn for her earnest dedication to the Model ID thread in the early days of my membership. She was always consistent in identifieing those that I put up there and helping the Model ID people out. Thanks to Ophelia Immortal for the many that she have identified and her continued support of that forum to this day. Thanks to Penny Dreadful, IrensistiQ and Abbey Road for their recent dedication to that forum. Thanks also to those who may have the same dedication, but simply didn't comment because they didn't t know who the person was to ID, thanks to those too ;) . Thanks to Rogue Red for her consistent dedication to that thread as well and who in this days of changing names <_< , (though if you were named after a celebrity that ran over your foot :pinch:, or have come to the general realization that they truly and utterly suck as a representation of you, it is understandable, but your business is your business anyway) and changing avatars has provided some sense of stability around here by having an avatar that is instantly recognizable to newcomers. No offense intended to those who change avatars often, seeing as how I do, but only meant thanks to those who hold down the fort of instant recognizability. Thanks to the Joker for her...jocularness...:flower: and thanks to Mbrinebri for consistantly....wait a minute... :D. Thanks to Qball for his patience with my technical issues and questions and OriginalSin for her patience in absolving my second account that time, though I only had it because I forgot the password. Thanks to Maddog107 for his wonderful world of revolving avatars and being also a patient admin as well. Thanks to TooKabu for his assistance with my music threads, Song ID and showing me how to post YouTube. Thanks to PlayGirl for helping out with my threads. Thanks of course to Penny for helping out and even going into "enemy territory" :ninja: tfs on my account. Thanks to Penny Dreadful for her continued efforts to share art and humor without being a hater and contributions abroad. Thanks to Ophelia Immortal, AlbaForever and Jenkka for their unwavering positivity and continuing with me in my fight to see the glass half full in a forum filled with those intent on seeing it half empty i.e. being pure haters to the highest degree :whistle: . Thanks to all for celebrating my first milestone with me. :)

:ddr: :fun: :ddr: :fun: :ddr: :fun: :ddr: :fun: :wave:

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1,000 Posts

I just want to say a few words. You know it's kinda funny that I never intended on becoming a member. It's also funny that I'm a member of four other forums and have never posted in three of them and have like two posts in the fourth. And have probably longed in a total of three times. I saw the Model ID thread and decided I had some miscellaneous pictures that had been shown or sent to me and the person who gave them to me never knew who in the world it was. Being the kind of guy that I am, I have to know everything, so I wanted to see if someone here knew who they were. As it turns out, I had to be a member use the thread. So I became a member. I would like to thank Persuazn, Ophelia Immortal, Nightowl, Abbey Road, Tinkerbelle and rogue red for their dedication to Model ID when I first got here. Thanks to anyone who has ever identified one for me and those that have contributed to the thread in general. As a member, I wanted to show some form of gratitude by starting threads. The first is a bit obscure and the second one got merged. Of course there was a bit of a bump in the road with both as one was in the wrong forum and one was a topic that already exhisted and I ran in to some of the less tactful members, but it just proves that sometimes when you get to know people, they may be only twice 3/4 as bad as you initially thought they were. You guys are a special group of people. There is a wide range of positive and colorful personalities here as well. Sure there are some things that I don't like like ethnic/country superiority complex in some, negative comments boldly spoken with little to know concrete truth or evidence to support such babbling and pure unadulterated negativity in others, but I believe that the good outweighs the bad, I think. But Qball was the first moderator that I came into contact with. He showed me the ropes and was patient in answering questions and dealing with technical issues. After the server breakdown, my account was nearly erased. I started from scratch with about ten some odd posts. I had a topic up and running that had a nice number of pages, all gone. But Penny and PlayGirl, the same two that supported the thread from the begginning came to my rescue and helped to rebuild it and make it bigger and better than ever. And over the course of time, or shall I say pages, others came abourd and contributed significantly and casual visitors alike and I would like to thank you all. I would like to thank anyone who has supported any of my threads in any way. God knows there are some that I wish I could take back/delete, but there are some that I am proud of and I thank those for supporting those and for the sentiment on the others. Thanks again to those of you that keep the Happy Birthday thread up and booming. You guy's continued enthusiasm and consistency is one of the brightest lights of this fine site. I would also like to thank the Avatar and Sig people again. I would like to thank those of you that have made avatars and signitures form me. Thank you SupermodelDiva for making my first signiture and making most of mine. Thank you Dajana and jman for your assistance as well. Also, thanks to all of you for providing your art free of charge (only asking for of course the credit that you so rightly deserve). Thank those of you who made the threads that are shamelessly and gratuitously made for the purpose of getting as many hits as possible ("Last Person to Post Here Wins," "Bump Me"...) Also thanks to the manually tallied voting threads, for without such I may also not have so many posts. Thouth admittedly, it took time to warm up to the fact that they have somehow replaced the automaticly talied voting threads and opinions and tastes of a high fashion variety have taken over Babe Polls like never before...But thanks anyway because without threads of that sort, I may not have so many posts. I would like to thank those of you who have made the threads that I like the most, without which I also may not have so many posts. Honestly, after the server breakdown, I never would have dreamed that I would reach 1,000. I wasn't really sure before, but after starting back at square one...I would also like to thank those that I disagree with and those who make bold, absurd, arrogant statements because without responding to such, I would also not have so many posts. I would like to thank of course the founding individuals who are responsible for the concept and early development of the site. I would also like to thank the administrators, both seen and unseen. And also the moderators for doing a fine job here. I know the mods are volunteers and now there about four of you to my knowledge, but you four cover a lot of ground. There is an accessible, friendly atmosphere here that is unmistakable. Much thanks and love to you all! :grouphug:


:fun: :fun: :fun:

:hell yea!: :hell yea!: :hell yea!: :hell yea!: :hell yea!: :hell yea!: :hell yea!: :hell yea!:

:ddr: :dance: :ddr: :dance: :ddr: :dance: :ddr: :dance: :ddr:

:clap: :bounce: :clap: :bounce: :clap: :bounce: :clap: :bounce:

Yeah!!!! Baby!!!! 1,000 POSTS!!! :chicken:

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