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    Vintage covers

    You're welcome ❤️
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    Vintage covers

    This is Hilde Nedrehagen Jensen from Norway Hilde was in the Ford Supermodel of the World competition in 1988
  3. miss

    Vintage covers

    Thanks ❤️ Ingrid is from Norway I have never seen this before ❤️
  4. @Dayrell That's all I have unfortunately 😔 There is not much info to be found about her, neither online or in old magazines Norway has never been good at interviewing or writing about models. I have found information about her in some articles from Norwegian newspapers, but the pictures from the website are no longer available - so this is all I have unfortunately ...
  5. B i o g r a p h y Hilde SolE Hilde (born in 1957) was born and raised in Oslo, Norway. Modeling One spring day in 1975, John Casablancas, the founder of the world's largest model agency Elite, trooped up to Ullevål hospital. There was 17-year-old Hilde, newly operated on for appendicitis. He had seen the commercials she had made for egg milk soap. Now wanted to persuade her to bet internationally. She thought: "Why not?" Hilde had actually decided to become a journalist. But she could make some money first? Two days after
  6. Thank you for all the beautiful covers @Dayrell
  7. ... sorry - I have not the orginals any more 😌 I had this for som years - but I just found them now...
  8. Here first job – she was 13 years old
  9. - from 1991 Chatelaine Vintage Womens Fashion Magazine
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