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  1. I can always be summoned with naked Marisa pics.
  2. You must have an odd idea of what looks good for a model. In just the last couple of months, I've seen Miranda in commercials for ShopStyle, Reebok, and H&M, and she has several other campaigns. As for the current VS Angels and recent former ones, I've seen... nothing. Not even VS commercials.
  3. So Kate Upton's cover is just on the flip side of the magazine? At first I thought there were two editions of the magazine, one with Nina/Chrissy/Lily, the other with Kate.
  4. No Deborah Mace from the casting call things.
  5. We can't have a thread for this girl without these: If there was an Instagram Hall of Fame, these would be in it.
  6. Judging from her Instagram, she's working; she's just not updating her official site. Plus, she seems to be more of a "promotional" model and skater/surfer-lifestyle model, so she works in a niche that doesn't get much public attention.
  7. Ehhh, not really. Selling products through modeling is the basic job of a model. As an Angel, she's supposed to go beyond that - she's supposed to be a star for the brand. The public is supposed to eat up anything-and-all-things-Aldridge. I don't see that.
  8. I'm not saying seniority should be the #1 factor. I'm saying that when it comes to something (supposedly?) prestigious like the SI cover, you have to pay your dues. Getting the cover as a rookie feels like a hollow accomplishment for Aldridge, whereas for someone like Anne V it would have felt earned. In all fairness, VS hasn't knocked it out of the park in years when it comes to their Angels. Especially compared to, say, Kate Upton. Even on non-fashion sites and forums, she's everywhere, while Aldridge is... not to be found. Look at the men's magazine "hot" rankings, which everyone here loves to dismiss as mere popularity contests. Is she ever on them?
  9. Wow, lots of hate for Chrissy. I'm not a fan of hers, but at least she semi-earned the cover, being a veteran of the issue. Putting Lily on the cover as a rookie is what blows it. It takes away the prestige of being a covermodel - especially when it's the 50th anniversary. Plus, does SI really think she'll be an instant star for them when she's been kind of a dud as an Angel? :notsure:
  10. ^ As a Ravens fan, after last year's playoff run I can't manage to root for the '9ers, Pats, or Broncos. So...
  11. It's sad that even in a VS thread, to find women who have genuinely good bodies, we have to resort to posting selfies from Instagram.
  12. A perfect demonstration of the jealousy and pettiness that underlies the hate Candice gets from far too many BZ members. The more VS likes her, the more they hate her, while complaining that a billion-dollar business isn't paying enough attention to their feelings. This is not adult behavior. These cool-to-hate trends never were.
  13. http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_trksid=p3984.m570.l1313.TR12.TRC2.A0.Xsports+illustrated+2005+dvd&_nkw=sports+illustrated+2005+dvd&_sacat=0&_from=R40 How about this?
  14. We all do. But I'm not that bummed. Marisa is 35 (saying that makes me feel old) and had a longer career than most models can dream of. Plus, I never had the impression modeling was something Marisa would have trouble walking away from when the time came. She never seemed to think modeling was a big deal, which I've always liked about her.
  15. Unfortunately, the video uploads on various sites for the 2005 DVD have all long since expired, but the screencaps live on!
  16. Huh? What comparisons has she made? Seriously, man? I'm pretty sure the typical woman with a nice body can list a number of more important reasons for having their physique than being an exhibitionist. Saying she's wasting her body by not showing it off to us is absurd.
  17. ^ As soon as I clicked the "post" button after writing that, I thought "Pinkie's so going to yell at me." And clearly I meant that there are different levels of perfection, and the 2005 Marisa is one of them.
  18. ^ Dear Lord. Marisa in 2005 was perfection.
  19. The cover is pretty "meh." I guess even SASI can pull off an "SISE": wow us with behind-the-scenes stuff, then disappoint with the cover. Genevieve has a fantastic chest body, but facially, she is a terrible model.
  20. ^ Wasn't that like two years ago? I figured that project's been dead for awhile.
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