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Your Favorite Guitar Solos

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This thread is for guitar solos :guitar: . Though technical performing skills (singing, instrument playing) in general don't seem to be as important to today's mainstream music industry :whistle: ..., I love the way a good guitar solo pours out the heart, soul and guts of a song. As I stated before, I love all of the obvious classic solos and anything by Django Reinhardt, Joe Pass and Jimi Hendrix. I love guitar solos from all genres, whether it is classical, blues, jazz, country, acoustic, rock, flamenco,"latin"...I encourage you to share your favorites, there are no right or wrong answers. :)

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I usually don't like guitar solos but in Muse - Invincible, Matt Bellamy shows why he's a one of the best guitar players in our time... Fantastic guitar solo, finally something new...

And also well maybe not a "good" guitar solo, but i'm loving Aaron North's insane solo in Nine Inch Nails - The Big Come Down live version...

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I love Pink Floyd's Comfortably Numb

Also Boston's Peace of Mind

Tesla's Love Song

Extreme's More Than Words

And Dokken's Alone Again

man, dokken kicks major ass

in high school i wanted to be mrs george lynch SOOOOOOOO BAD!!!!!


man, you can only really choose older songs since the guitar solo has pretty much removed from


but i thought of 3 more


rage against the machine--bulls on parade

SRV--little wing

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Cocaine- Eric Clapton

Layla- Derek and The Dominoes

Flight Of Icarus (Live after Death Version)- Iron Maiden

Cruel Little Number- Jeff Healy Band (Yes in case you are wondering, Jeff Healy is blind, and does the solo here)

Dazed And Confused- Led Zeppelin

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