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    Beautiful women, obviously...<br />Also music, movies, art and football has special place in my heart...

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  1. Lyon

    hi Zannn, Happy Birthday, 5 stars for you ^_^

  2. Zannn

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    The Sound Of Animals Fighting - Uzbekistan
  3. There is Watermark Master and Ease123 Video Watermarker, both are shareware, but it hasn't stopped people to using those things... Well I don't complete that sentence and I'm pretty sure, you know why...
  4. put my computer on boil water go to bathroom brush my teeth Name four most expensive items you have bought
  5. Sorry, my bad... Let's try again... 9
  6. Why so obvious??? Take two: Rumor has it that alien has a shrine for Michael Jackson on his backyard...
  7. Rumor has it that alien has man crush for "not human" Phelps...
  8. Well I think in this forum the odds are pretty good... Fashion (read models) and advertising industry goes pretty much in hand to hand... Kinda... For me at least
  9. Zannn

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    The Sound Of Animals Fighting - I, The Swan
  10. Rumor has it that watermelon, controversiaster and monkey (???) has a very weird love triangle going on...
  11. And mine : http://evenfurtheraway.blogspot.com/
  12. Zannn


    Sunderland did very well against Liverpool, but when Tainio injured (again) Liverpool did get more chances and their midfield did get more passes to Torres and Keane... And you know what then happened... Without Tainio's injure, game was going to be 0-0... Tainio, Diouf, Malbranque and Chimbonda all played well and if Benny and Anton will come to Sunderland, the team will be in 6-10 place in end of the season... Let's hope that
  13. Zannn

    The King of Football

    Kaka, when he's fit... best allrounder, no weaknesses... C. Ronaldo needs Rooney, Messi is too young, but let's see him in two years time... And finally Zlatan is too moody, some days best there is and some days nothing is working...
  14. ahhh... not even a little bit? you know, each of their albums has a different sound, so you might wanna listen to some of each Well I have listen (many times) all Radiohead and Thom's solo albums, but like I said, it doesn't hit me... I don't really know why and I don't hate it... And ok, Karma Police and 2+2=5 are good songs... But well my holy triangle is Nine Inch Nails, Muse and Tool... in that order... So maybe I just don't get it...
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