Birkin Bangs and Other Model Trends From 2017

Trends come and go, but fashion is forever. 2017 was a year filled with new styles and vintage fashions making a comeback. Similar to years prior things that were once popular were brought back, but with a different twist and bit of personal flair. These are our picks for the top model trends from 2017.

Birkin Bangs

It seemed like toward the tail end of 2017 suddenly everyone was chopping it all off. Sporting the style similar to icon Jane Birkin, models like Taylor Hill, Elsa Hosk and Bella Hadid were just some of the models rocking fresh cut bangs this year. Is this just a fad or are Birkin bangs here to stay? We’ll have to see how long this trend follows into 2018.

Newsboy Cap

Made popular in the 1960’s, Newsboy and Fiddler caps were a staple in every female, and male, wardrobe. Fast forward to 2017 and it seemed every supermodel was spotting sporting the famous cap. Perhaps the revival of the Jane Birkin bangs had inspired the industry to incorporate more vintage trends from the same time period. Whatever the reason, they were everywhere.

Athletic Wear

The trend of wearing athletic wear outside of the gym was never a fad that went away. Rather, 2017 brought the trend back with a high fashion twist as one many design elements on the runway. Athletic wear was part of the ensemble as opposed to just something to sweat in.


This year’s corset trend did things a bit in reverse: models were seen sporting corsets overtop of t-shirts and dresses as opposed to wearing them underneath their clothing. The trend was made more for casual everyday wear, with many models rocking the trend overtop a white t and a pair of jeans. Modern renaissance anyone?


Which of these trends do you think will be prominent in 2018? What trend do you see emerging? Visit Bellazon to discuss!

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