The Spring/Summer Fashion Trends You Need To Know About

These trends came, went, and are back again. We have a feeling this time though, these seasons prints and styles are here to stay. From animal prints to statement jewelry, these trends for spring and summer were all over the runway and fashion catalogs. Some of these are even carrying over into interior design?! Let us take a look at some of the latest trends you need in your wardrobe (and in your home) right now.

Leopard Print

It’s back, or did it ever leave? Leopard print is possibly the most used pattern on fashion clothes and accessories this season. Want to wear the trend, but are afraid of animal print overload? Try incorporating leopard print into smaller pieces in your wardrobe like a cute pair of booties, or even a clutch.

Tassel Earrings

What was once considered like grandma’s curtains, is now a major fashion staple this spring/summer. The tassel earring trend has always been popular in the summertime for it’s vacay vibes, but it’s making it’s way into all seasons for it’s go to pop of color.

All Pink Everything

Not only popular on the runway, this trend is also making it’s way into interior design, with the popular home decor color being the staple in new home collections. Sites like Wayfair and brands like Urban Outfitters have been featuring light pink on vases, blankets, and kitchen items. This muted pink can be seen throughout all facets of style this season, and we’d say it’s here to stay.

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