Model Vloggers: Our 3 Favorite Models Turned YouTube Celebs

In the age of social media, it’s easy for models to promote theirselves pretty much anywhere. Nowadays vlogging (video blogging) has taken over how we get our fashion and beauty information from industry sources. From sharing their skincare and diet secrets to taking us backstage at haute couture fashion shows, these models shed light into what it’s like to be a model, and we can’t get enough! Here are some of our favorite models that traded in the runway lights for beauty lights.

Sanne Vloet: From healthy recipes to skin care routines, Victoria’s Secret model Sanne Vloet shares her personal finds and daily life with the world making her one of our definite favs. Sanne also films vlogs following her day to day life in the modeling industry with models like Rosmarijn De Kok and Frida Aasen making appearances. The model boasts 589 thousand subscribers and an impressive view count for her content.

Jessica Clements: Model Jessica Clements went with the beauty guru route with her channel focusing on makeup looks and stylish hair tutorials for her followers. With nearly 1 million (yes you read that right) subscribers Jessica Clements could possibly be considered the most successful model YouTube vlogger to date.

Alexandria Morgan: Swimsuit model Alexandria Morgan shares her personal side on her YouTube channel by taking us into her New York City apartment and showing us snippets of her daily life. The model also does a lot of story time videos with her followers sharing personal stories of her anxiety disorder and relationship struggles.

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