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Emerging model, Alexandria Morgan is coming into her own as the standout model of 2014. Bursting onto the scene a mere two months ago, Alexandria was the best kept secret in the modeling industry until all of the sudden the 20-year-old crashed the party and it was game over. After moving from Manhattan to Hoboken, NJ, the Illinois born bombshell’s piercing blue eyes and striking looks stopped the internet in it’s tracks.

It all began soon after Alexandria posted this photo of her wearing a Chicago Bulls jersey and in what seemed like the snap of a Derrick Rose meniscus, she was the “it” girl for every major publisher online. Photos and Instagram shots of Morgan spread through the internet within hours. Sports Illustrated, Guyism, COED, Brobible and theCHIVE we’re among the heavy hitters who published content on Alexandria. Yes, we did as well. Two times. (named her our Woman Crush Wednesday twice).

With Memorial Day just around the corner and World Cup 2014 kick-off less than a month away, we thought it would only be fitting to invite our new Hoboken neighbor over the new RSVLTS Headquarters for a shoot set around the stars and bars. It’s a perfect storm of America.

Just our way of supporting for the U.S. Men’s National Soccer Team on their way to global domination (in soccer) and also showcase some new gear from the RSVLTS Store (not the bikinis) available now just in time for your summer barbecues and festivities. As always we look forward to seeing your RSVLTS gear photos on Twitter and Instagram.


>> http://www.rsvlts.com/2014/05/20/alexandria-morgan-rsvlts/#1

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