Forum Highlights of the Week – Alessandra’s Summer Muse, Grace and Birgit Hit the South of France

Thousands of posts roll in on the Bellazon forum’s fashion model and celebrity sections each and every week. Collected here are a few highlights you won’t want to miss. Summer Muse: Brazilian supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio takes centre stage for Jacquie Aiche’s Summer 2017 jewellery campaign. Link Moi, Je Joue: Top model duo Birgit Kos and […]

Model Skin

It’s no secret: models have flawless skin. They seem to walk around with no makeup on and not a single blemish in sight. It’s just not fair, we all can’t be born with perfect genes right? Well, according to some models it isn’t perfect genes or miracle creams; it’s a great skincare regimen. Many models […]