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Why do people hate Gisele Bundchen so much?


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I don't know why people hate her so much. I love Gisele!!! Imo she's not as overrated as people say. The reason she's all over the place is because she sells and she's what the public wants to see. I love her walk and her face and her body, especially her legs. Most of all she seems like such a sweet girl yet so many people hate her and call her a manface. I don't get how she is a manface. She has very feminine features.

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I do not hate Gisele, but I just do not like her, I think she can do all the model stuff right ie catwalk and stuff, but for some reason I just do not take to her as a person :idk:

That's understandable b/c people have different tastes but I don't understand why people HATE her.

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I hated her sooo much , but now i just think i don't like her and that's all. And i hated her i guess becouse she was everywhere like you said and i was just SICK of seeing her face everywhere , and i don't think she has attractive face at all and that's My opinion , i just don't see her appeal and never will , and the last thing i would've hated her becouse of was due jelously first becouse i don't feel jelously really i'm the least jelous person ever not to mention she's a star and being jelous from start it's radicilous and 3rd if i would be jelous of her and hate her since she has perfect body and blah blah i'd hate all models in general and i'm totally the opposite, I adore them .

But anyways she seems to have a not bad personality and duh her body is the ultimum perfect body , but i hate her face just can't look at it that's all.

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I think some people don't like her b/c she sometimes has an arrogant air to her. Like at the VSFS 2006, she barely smiled. Some people percieved it as her being "high mighty" and "snotty." But I think she was just being low-key, and she didn't want to force excitement like some of the other models. She seems like the type who acts excited when she is--she doesn't pretend to be.

I have meet her and I can vow she is a very sweet person. Very down-to-earth and soft-spoken :hehe:

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