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  1. Wow she really is modelling and she won Russia's Next top model, not like the American version where they don't actually do any real modelling... But she does look like a real high fashion model!
  2. Althought I can never get over how breathtakingly beautiful she naturally is.
  3. ..Still absolutely beautiful face, but hate that colour...umm much prefer the natural brown hair. She looked just perect with it. After Coco models started dying their hair that colour :yuckky: I hope Rianne gets rid of it fast!
  4. It's like in each photoshoot she does, she gets more & more beautiful! Daria is simply breathtaking!And I can't wait to get the Flare magazine!
  5. WOW i looooove the HP cover & editorial!! The cover is amazing she looks breathtaking! & the whole editorial is very much Natalia, very beautiful & natural the whole atmosphere of it.. I know it's photoshopped & all, but she very much looks like her natural self
  6. Before I use to think she was so boring & typical slavic, since I am slavic i thought she was just kind of plain pretty.. Now i think she is just classicaly beautiful, hence RL kept her for so long like treasure.
  7. Thanks Vogue Girl, in Lancome most beautiful eyes
  8. So cute, natural, pretty & stylish!
  9. The Dolce & Gabbana pic is great!
  10. Oo that's the pretty girl with the Daria-like eyes. Which I find fascinating.
  11. Thanks. I've known about her for YEARS, but yet i was never able to identify her, never cought my eye. I guess she is too typical for me & blends in with all the other russian/eastern european models. Edit: But she is really good, i think i got her mixed up with Anna Selezneva : s
  12. I think i will like her, all the russian & eastern european in recent years have became so similar, dull & typical, but her pictures stand out.
  13. Name of the other model? Natasha looks very good at the dinner.
  14. anything new from Marija?
  15. omg, I totally agree!!! Yeah magazines & photographers should be given credit, it is their work as well, it's not all about the models.
  16. I love his shoot, its so intense & she looks amazing
  17. I don't undrstand one thing. This is a "best editorial"competition, yet the magazine/issue they come from are not mentioned at all nor who shot it, just the models names.
  18. I like Ale better, but Karolina's editorial is way better so KK
  19. random pics of Daria any more like the last 2? they're beautiful.
  20. That's what I was wondering too cause i'm Bulgarian.
  21. Great style. Very classy & beautiful
  22. Isabeli is still one of my universal favorite models at all times and still consider her one of the most beautiful women in the world & of the most amazing models. I know I barely came here now, but as I have lost a bit of interest in keeping up with all the models work, i still love & am amazed by Isabeli she is perfect
  23. {name}


    She absolutely gorgeous way she is now, it's like she is getting more beautiful by the day again
  24. {name}

    Olga Kurylenko

    She is soo naturally pretty and she has a great style, soo classy I love it!
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