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Best TV Show Ever


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Ooooh many, many,

-Tool Time ( Don`t know the english nam of the show)

-King Of Queens

-CSI / CSI Miami



-The Shield

-Six Feet Under


-Desperate Housewifes

and my no.1 Staaaaaaaaar Trek :D yeahaaa

and many more.

I never look them on TV, I record them and look 2-3 in a row. The airtime is not realy good...

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oh man tv rocks how can i even list all the best!

- CSI (the original, the rest can go away)

- Desperate Housewives

- Clone high (it had only one season! curse you MTV! cuuuurrssee youuu!)

- Daria

- Family Guy

- Simpsons

- Mythbusters

- American Dad

- Charmed (seasons 1 - 3)


Awesome list except American Dad and Clone High. Don't know what they are.

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Awesome list except American Dad and Clone High. Don't know what they are.

Gah are you serious! ok well American Dad is from the creators of family guy, its pretty hilarious (not as funny as family guy of course tho). And Clone high is a very obscure MTV show where scientists have cloned like famous historical figures (ghandi, JFK, Kennedy, Cleopatra) and they all go to high school together! pretty funny! I dont think either of them are actually out in Australia tho!

PS i forgot to put Oprah on my list!!! Whooo Oprah rocks

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Mayn, there are soooo many good shows. I get hooked on the HBO shows. Six Feet Under, Oz, The Wire and Entourage are among my favorite. I like the new one they have on there, Rome.

Showtime shows usually suck, but I do like Weeds. It's pretty funny.

My favorite animated shows are South Park and the Simpsons, even though I haven't watched either of them lately.

I watch all the Law & Orders', but I started watching Law & Order:SVU first because of Christopher Meloni, who I first saw on Oz as Christopher Keller.

I also have a history liking shows on Fox. In Living Color, New York Undercover, and the X-Files are all on my all time list. 24 is the BEST SHOW ON TV RIGHT NOW!!! :yes: The O.C. is cool, too. House is another favorite of mine. Comes back on tonight. Prison Break looks good. I hope it will last for a while. I'm not so sure about Reunion, but the fact that Matthew St. Patrick, who was Keith on Six Feet Under, helps.

Chappelle show is funny, too. Too bad it's going off the air. :cry:

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The OC :wub: :p

Desperate Housewives :p

Seinfeld :laugh:

American Dad

Friends :kiss:

That 70s Show :)



Family Guy :blush:

Le coeur a ses raisons :laugh: [it's Canadian [from Quebec ^^...yep! That why my english may sometimes seem bad :ninja: :laugh: ] but they were supposed to make it in english to...anyway...it's such a good show! :heart: ]

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