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  1. Afternoon, my OCTOROON!!! 1/8th black, her mom admitted. Wonder how that will effect her popularity.
  2. Fellow tennis players reacted negatively to her announcement, with almost no support or sympathy in general for Sharapova. John McEnroe and Pat Cash said they found it hard to believe her. Jennifer Capriati posted on Twitter that she should be stripped of her 35 professional titles. Chris Evert expressed her surprise at the lack of support in tennis for Sharapova, noting that she "[had] always isolated herself from the rest of the tennis world, from the players". Serena Williams expressed surprise at Sharapova’s announcement and asked tennis officials not to extend any special treatment toward
  3. I'm sure somebody already did it, buy would somebody post the lineup along with the segments the models were in? Thanx in advance.
  4. I'm sure somebody already posted it, but cab somebody repost the lineup for each segment on chronological order? I need it to critique every girl so I can give my final analysis on the show.
  5. I might go into more detail after I watch it again, but this what I took from last night show: it was ok, not that bad, not that good. They didn't do the slow motion thing, and TGEY kept the celebrity shots minimal at best. I guess Taylor Swift is o.k., but to have her BACK TO BACK?! Adriana Grande did good, and let's face it, it worked for the pink section. Segments pretty much the same thing. Both Adriana and Alessandra are at the twilight if their careers as runway models, so I totally got that, and understood why they came out together with their fantasy bras on. Other were just basic. May
  6. I'll go into detail later, now I'll just do a rough draft. Actually the music wasn't as bad as I thought. Still, the opening section threw me off. I mean, the outfits fit the British Invasion theme perfectly, especially the one worn by Lily D., Cara and new girl Kasia, but would it hurt to have a English band play, or at least use British MUSIC?! Instead they use a band from Chicago and a girl from Texas. WTF?! Lot of cut and paste this year. Birds of Paradise was actually the one the 2nd theme, then Shipwrecked, followed by Pink Network, then Silver Parisian Nights. Only Britsh Invasion an
  7. k_dub


    Go to http://vsholic.com/videos/victorias-secret-fashion-show-video-2013/ They have a 720 and a 1080 both HDTV quality via torrent.
  8. The outfits look decent enough. Save for the shipwreck, all the themes seem to match. Alled a LOT of new girls this year. What is it like 12, 13 of them? As expected, most of the first timers are featured in the Pink Section. I don't know if they will will do a segment for a newcomer, but if the they do, it would be on Cindy Bruna. She was featured in two major sections, walking with the long time, well established models. Izabel Goulart still looks good, and she had the right amount of animation on the runway, didn't over do it. Unfortunately, Isabeli Fontana was the odd girl out this year. A
  9. k_dub


    I'm not surprised some people didn't like the ending. However, what show has a PERFECT ENDING?! "Six Feet Under" was probably the only show that came the closest, since it showed how all the main characters' lives turned out, and even then there were some unanswered questions. Here are my some of my thoughts' about the ending of "Dexter": Even though Debra's death was not as dramatic as some people thought it should have been, I think they summed it up nice with the final flashback they had when Harrison was born, and when they had that heart to heart about how he made her always feel safe. A
  10. k_dub


    Exactly. Pretty much to sum it up, Dexter was one hell of a series throught its 8 year run, and it ended with one hell of a SERIES FINALE!!! Debra was shot by the son of Dr. Vogel aka the Brian Surgeon. We didn't know how bad it was, so Dexter had to deal with that, as long as Debra's former boss was looking for Hannah, while he was trying to get her, himself and Harrison out fo the country. Dexter got the call about Debra, which led him to go to the hospital to be by her side. He blamed himself, and said so to Deb, but she refused to blame him, and it seems like she is going to be ok. When Ha
  11. k_dub


    I started this thread, and it's definitely a show that is worth watching. Thing is, you are a little late to the party. "Dexter" is on it's 8th and final season, so I have no idea how you would catch up on all of that. Also, many of the seasons are interlocked, and there is a ongoing storyline when it comes to the main character and the characters he's closest with, so you would have to see every season to catch up with the current season. Maybe it's best you buy the DVD's so you can watch at your own pace, though that would be pretty expensive considering the show's run.
  12. k_dub


    It was on the History Channel when it aired here, beginning of March. Since it' on the History Channel, I'm guessing most of it is based on fact and some of the characters are based on people who did exist. However, since the real Vikings didn't have a written language, most of it is based on what other people wrote about them, mostly the people they were raided by. I did recognize two of the actors, Jessalyn Gilsig used to be on "Boston Public", and Donal Logue, who used to be on some MTV commercials back in the day, and is currently starring on the new season of "Copper" right now. Besides
  13. k_dub


    That was SHOCKING!!! :shock: I knew Debra was off her rocker, and though she seems to be getting a little better because of the mutual attraction between her and her boss, I didn't see the attempted MURDER-SUICIDE thing coming. However, from the videos Vogel was showing her, know she knows that is the reason why her father killed himself, so she decided to kill him and her. A bystander at the creek saw the whole thing, and rescued Debra from the car. Dexter, was still in the car, but unconscious and the car was sinking into the creek. He would have drowned for sure, but Debra did a rounda
  14. My mother is 1/2 black and 1/2 German. My dad is Black, English, Cherokee, and possibly some Irish. I can't exactly figure out the percentages per se, but I believe my great-grandfather on my dad's side was white. Couple that with my Grandmother on my mom's side that would make me a quarter German and 1/8th English/Irish.
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