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    Ronda Rousey

    Afternoon, my OCTOROON!!! 1/8th black, her mom admitted. Wonder how that will effect her popularity.
  2. Fellow tennis players reacted negatively to her announcement, with almost no support or sympathy in general for Sharapova. John McEnroe and Pat Cash said they found it hard to believe her. Jennifer Capriati posted on Twitter that she should be stripped of her 35 professional titles. Chris Evert expressed her surprise at the lack of support in tennis for Sharapova, noting that she "[had] always isolated herself from the rest of the tennis world, from the players". Serena Williams expressed surprise at Sharapova’s announcement and asked tennis officials not to extend any special treatment towards her. Rafael Nadal and Andy Murray said that Sharapova deserved to be punished on the basis that she had failed to take notice that meldonium had become a prohibited substance, Murray adding that "Taking a drug you don't necessarily need because it's legal is wrong".[185] Roger Federer urged the tennis federation to conduct more anti-doping tests in the wake of Sharapova's drug test case. Novak Djokovic said that he felt sorry for her, but that she must still be ready for punishment. Victoria Azarenka and Dominika Cibulkova were far less supportive, with Cibulkova adding that she didn't feel sorry at all for Sharapova and didn't miss having her on the tour, describing her as "a totally unlikeable person; arrogant, conceited, and cold". Following the announcement, as a result of the failed drug test personal sponsors Nike andTAG Heuer suspended their relationships with Sharapova, while Porsche postponed promotional work. The United Nations Development Programme suspended Sharapova from her role as a goodwill ambassador on March 16, while expressing thanks for her support of their work over the previous nine years. SharaROIDA!!! Caroline Wozniaki is good friends with Serena, and all of the other girls on the tour respect her. Maria has been taking this PED for 10 YEARS!!!
  3. I'm sure somebody already did it, buy would somebody post the lineup along with the segments the models were in? Thanx in advance.
  4. I'm sure somebody already posted it, but cab somebody repost the lineup for each segment on chronological order? I need it to critique every girl so I can give my final analysis on the show.
  5. I might go into more detail after I watch it again, but this what I took from last night show: it was ok, not that bad, not that good. They didn't do the slow motion thing, and TGEY kept the celebrity shots minimal at best. I guess Taylor Swift is o.k., but to have her BACK TO BACK?! Adriana Grande did good, and let's face it, it worked for the pink section. Segments pretty much the same thing. Both Adriana and Alessandra are at the twilight if their careers as runway models, so I totally got that, and understood why they came out together with their fantasy bras on. Other were just basic. Maybe one day they can give us some background on the new and second year girls. I believe Lais was listed in the opening credits. So, why do TGEY BEVER INTERVIEW HER?! On to the girls: I was PRESENTLY SURPRISED by Karlie Kloss this year. She looked really good as a blonde. Her body looked better too than I remember in years past. Jourdan Dunn is another girl who caught my eye. Her highlights really helped her stand out. Elsa Hosk stood out again in the Pink section. That is pretty much her segment. Also, I'm glad they didn't put ALL the newcomers there. Most were, it's kinda like boot camp or something, but they mixed it in some.all the veterans like Doutzen,Izabel, Isabeli, Lily, Lima, Ale, etc. did their thing. I think Joan was good. Shania, too. As far as the rookies go, I wished Sharipova would have had more than one segment. Showed real promise. The other ones were Ok. Like I said I need to watch it again.
  6. I'll go into detail later, now I'll just do a rough draft. Actually the music wasn't as bad as I thought. Still, the opening section threw me off. I mean, the outfits fit the British Invasion theme perfectly, especially the one worn by Lily D., Cara and new girl Kasia, but would it hurt to have a English band play, or at least use British MUSIC?! Instead they use a band from Chicago and a girl from Texas. WTF?! Lot of cut and paste this year. Birds of Paradise was actually the one the 2nd theme, then Shipwrecked, followed by Pink Network, then Silver Parisian Nights. Only Britsh Invasion and Snow Angels were in the places they were supposed to be in for the show. Anybody notice how Candice, Behati, Lily A, and Karlie went BACK TO BACK, while Ale and Lais were in section 3 AND 4?Guess the did that because, those are the girls they see as most important to their brand. Ale is a long time veteran, Candice was the 'IT' girl for VS last year, did a whole segment on her. Behati being engaged to Adam Levine doesn't hurt. LIly A and Karlie have been Angels for a while now. They did that whole segment on Lais and how she BROKE HER FOOT last year, and therefore was not in the show. While we are on features, the inbetween stuff was pretty much the same as it is every year. However, it was cool that they interviewed some of the newer girls like Barbara, Cara, and new girl Sara Sampaio for the PINK NETWORK SECTION. The top angels are always goona be featured, but most show in the past we only heard from them. They are overexposed anyway. What do we NOT KNOW ABOUT THEM?! Also, was it just coincidence, or did they plan to put all the BLACK GIRLS in the Silver Parisian Nights section?! I'm Black myself. Do we have any special connection to THAT PARTICULAR CITY?! Respond here or my personal profile if you know. Josephine Skriver should have a feature on her is she continues to be part of the VSFS. Sure, she's just a Pink girl, but she his an interesting story. She is a child of a LESBIAN MOTHER & GAY FATHER. Has a brother, too, and they share the same biological parents. Didn't say they were test tube kids, so my best guess is that their parents had sex just for the case of having kids to be parents, too. VS was getting flak for not having a trandsgender model(THANK YOU GOD!!!), so maybe they can show they are with the modern times by doing a feature on her. Hoping they were gonna focus on Elsa more. She has a GREAT ASS!!! Hopefully they were move her out of the Pink Section so we can see more of her. Problem is it probably won't happen. She seems to be THE GIRL of that particular section. The music for Birds of Paradise did fit. Pink was whatever. Not to crazy about those Neon Fire girls. Guess they ran out of options since they already used Katy Perry, Nicki Manaj, and Justin Bieber. Like I said, a rough draft.
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    Go to http://vsholic.com/videos/victorias-secret-fashion-show-video-2013/ They have a 720 and a 1080 both HDTV quality via torrent.
  8. The outfits look decent enough. Save for the shipwreck, all the themes seem to match. Alled a LOT of new girls this year. What is it like 12, 13 of them? As expected, most of the first timers are featured in the Pink Section. I don't know if they will will do a segment for a newcomer, but if the they do, it would be on Cindy Bruna. She was featured in two major sections, walking with the long time, well established models. Izabel Goulart still looks good, and she had the right amount of animation on the runway, didn't over do it. Unfortunately, Isabeli Fontana was the odd girl out this year. And what the hell is up with the MUSIC?! I get Taylor Swift. She has some pop tunes, tall enough to be a model herself, and her style of music would fit with the Pink Section. But FALL OUT BOY?! Really?! They sucked hard. The only two songs I liked from them was "Dance Dance", and "American Suiteharts", and the latter makes me cringe. Who complains about being on tour and banging GROUPIES EVERY NIGHT?! The rappers brag about it. I never heard of Neon Jungle or a Great Big World, but based on what I have heard, I won't be going to the record to buy them or iTunes to download them. It the nightmare of 2009 gonna rear it's UGLY HEAD?! If they did what they usually do and have not made the show all about searching for the newest model, might have been a good show, their best since 2005. It looks like the music is gonna doom this one.
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    I'm not surprised some people didn't like the ending. However, what show has a PERFECT ENDING?! "Six Feet Under" was probably the only show that came the closest, since it showed how all the main characters' lives turned out, and even then there were some unanswered questions. Here are my some of my thoughts' about the ending of "Dexter": Even though Debra's death was not as dramatic as some people thought it should have been, I think they summed it up nice with the final flashback they had when Harrison was born, and when they had that heart to heart about how he made her always feel safe. Anybody who was a fan of the series knew the were always co-dependent on each other, that neither could survive in the read world without each other, and Dexter realized that when she died. Another thing is that when he is on the boat and says "I destroy everything I love", maybe they could have added flashbacks of his dad Harry, Rita, and Debra. That really what have drove the point home. The epilogue was whatever, kinda creepy. Just wanted to show who Dexter wound up, alone and totally detached from the rest of the world. Even though I would have been fine with him dying from the hurricane, I thought the epilogue was fitting, though very unrealistic. I mean, how the hell did he surivive that STORM?! P.S. Sorry for posting the possible spoilers, but I do not see that option to hide it on the toolbar. If you wanna explain how to, send it to my profile.
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    Exactly. Pretty much to sum it up, Dexter was one hell of a series throught its 8 year run, and it ended with one hell of a SERIES FINALE!!! Debra was shot by the son of Dr. Vogel aka the Brian Surgeon. We didn't know how bad it was, so Dexter had to deal with that, as long as Debra's former boss was looking for Hannah, while he was trying to get her, himself and Harrison out fo the country. Dexter got the call about Debra, which led him to go to the hospital to be by her side. He blamed himself, and said so to Deb, but she refused to blame him, and it seems like she is going to be ok. When Harrison runs up to him in the hospital, he tells him how he was born there, and we see a flashback of him and Deb when Harrison was born. However he has a confrontation with Deb's former boss, with Dex telling him to stay away form him. He replys by telling Dexter not to go down with Hannah. The Brain Surgeon tries to finish off Debra, including cutting a man's tongue out who stiched him up. He found her room, Dexter and the cops were there to catch him. However, Deb's situation has taken a turn for the worst. Because of a blood clot that formed during surgery, she lost a lot of oxygen to her brain, and she was so damaged that she was gonna be pretty much a vegetable for the rest of her life. Dex has a another flashback to when they had a heart to heart about when Harrison was born in the hospital and how he was gonna be a great father to Harrison because he was such a great big brother to her. One such story was "Remember The Monsters?" which was the title of the episode. She was saying she saw monsters when the lights were out, and she couldn't sleep. However, Dexter explained that they were just shadows,and to make her feel safe, he even slept on the floor in her room one time. In midst of all of this, there is a bad hurricane in the Miami area, so they are exvacuating everybody. Dex and Hannah say they can catch a flight from Jacksonville. Hannah gets on the bus to Jacksonville, but Deb's former boss tracks her down and is on the bus. He says that he is gonna turn her in, collect his bounty, and turn Harrison over to Child Protective Services. However, Hannah, being the master excape artist that she is, injects him with something to knock him out so she and Harrison can make their excape and flight. Dexter on the other hand, is gonna tie up some loose ends. After Batista and Quinn interrogate the Brain Surgeon and is locked in a cell, Dexter says he gonna test his hands for GSR, or gunshot residue. While there are cameras, there are no sounds. Dexter tells him that he is gonna kill him with a pen, he puts on the table. The Surgeon grabs the pen first and stabs Dexter in the shoulder, but then Dexter gets control of the pen and stabs him in the neck, killing him. Since Dexter was stabbed first, looks like a clear case of self defense. Dex leaves, but instead of joining Hannah and Harrison in Jacksonville, he instead heads to his boat. He realizes he can not leave his sister they was she is, so he goes to the hospitalm disconnects all the stuff that is keeping her alive so she dies. After that, while the staff is distracted because of all the people coming in from the storm, he wraps Deb in a sheet, puts her on the boat, and buries her at sea. He calls Hannah, wants to speak to Harrison, and tells him that he loves him, and needs him to remember that tell they see each other again. After that, he is overcome with emotion and says to himself and the audience "I destroy everything I love, but I can't let that happen to Hannah and Harrison. I have to protect them. From ME. After that, he heads off, supposedly towards the storm. After the storm has passed, they find the wreckage from his boat, and both his collegues from Miami Metro and Hannah get the news, believing he died in the storm. Then it goes to a scene at a logging factory, like somewhere in Canada or Alaska. Then we see Dexter walking, looking like he works there, having a full beard. He goes into a cabin located in the premises, takes off his jacket, sits down at a table, looks at the camera, and then fade to black. All in all, it was a great series, it had a great run, and this last season was definitely one of the best. The series finale was fitting as well. Such as a series like this, you couldn't have a happy ending, or even a bittersweet one. Michael C. Hall, Jennifer Carpenter, David Yayas and countless actors made this series so great, and I hope to see them on other shows in the future.
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    I started this thread, and it's definitely a show that is worth watching. Thing is, you are a little late to the party. "Dexter" is on it's 8th and final season, so I have no idea how you would catch up on all of that. Also, many of the seasons are interlocked, and there is a ongoing storyline when it comes to the main character and the characters he's closest with, so you would have to see every season to catch up with the current season. Maybe it's best you buy the DVD's so you can watch at your own pace, though that would be pretty expensive considering the show's run.
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    It was on the History Channel when it aired here, beginning of March. Since it' on the History Channel, I'm guessing most of it is based on fact and some of the characters are based on people who did exist. However, since the real Vikings didn't have a written language, most of it is based on what other people wrote about them, mostly the people they were raided by. I did recognize two of the actors, Jessalyn Gilsig used to be on "Boston Public", and Donal Logue, who used to be on some MTV commercials back in the day, and is currently starring on the new season of "Copper" right now. Besides the history aspect, it's pretty interesting that some of the women are as hardcore as the men. They even participate on the raids and the invasions that Ragnar leads. I hope the poster of this topic got the "hero" thing about Ragnar from another website. It's pretty clear this guy was NO HERO. Him and his people mostly got by by stealing, raiding, and killing other people. That monk that he captured and brought back with him is pretty much their slave. The nicest thing they did for him so far was asking him if wanted to participate in a threesome, which he refused. Still, I'm interested to see where the story goes, and rather Ragnar and his people eventually become more civilized.
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    That was SHOCKING!!! :shock: I knew Debra was off her rocker, and though she seems to be getting a little better because of the mutual attraction between her and her boss, I didn't see the attempted MURDER-SUICIDE thing coming. However, from the videos Vogel was showing her, know she knows that is the reason why her father killed himself, so she decided to kill him and her. A bystander at the creek saw the whole thing, and rescued Debra from the car. Dexter, was still in the car, but unconscious and the car was sinking into the creek. He would have drowned for sure, but Debra did a roundabout and SAVED HIS LIFE!!! That relationship is gonna get super awkward now.
  14. My mother is 1/2 black and 1/2 German. My dad is Black, English, Cherokee, and possibly some Irish. I can't exactly figure out the percentages per se, but I believe my great-grandfather on my dad's side was white. Couple that with my Grandmother on my mom's side that would make me a quarter German and 1/8th English/Irish.
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    2 episodes in, and so far, SO GOOOOD!!! Debra is totally :lost: . She left Miami Metro, and is now a bounty hunter. However, she is on many prescription pills and recreational drugs, and was even sleeping with her target. Dexter wants to still have that brother-sister relationship with her, but she blames him for what she has become and hates him for it. While the back and forth with all that, he winds up killing her target after finding out that he was gonna meet up with a hit man. The hit man eventually got his. Debra found out where the jewels were, and the guy followed and beat her ass for it. He could have killed her, but he said "You're lucky I only kill people that I'm paid to". However, he winds up dead. Dexter took some evidence from the crime scene tested the blood, and found out that the killer was DEBRA. So now she killed again, and doesn't look she is gonna get off her self-destructive path anytime soon. However, Dexter being the protector of her as he is, covers up her tracks. Sgt. Batista, who looks liked he was burned out last season, decided to stay a cop because of LaGuerta's death. Joey Quinn is dating Batista's sister. They try to keep it a secret, but he already knows. However, instead of being mad, he wants Quinn to step up his game and become a Sargent as well. Thing is, Quinn is from Boston, so he thinks the pressure to step up his game is a CUBANO THING!!! His getting all racist and stuff will probably end his relationship with the sister. Plus, it looks like he never got over Debra. Now to the most interesting part. This new girl Vogel, who is some kind of psychotherapist who is brought in to help in the capture of some some type of serial killer who cuts open the heads of his victims and removes part of the brain, makes Dexter nervous. However, not does she who and what Dexter is, she also know Dex's father, and encouraged him to teach Dexter THE CODE!!! :shock: Not only does she believe that psychopaths can be a gift to mankind, she sees Dexter as the perfect psychopath because he kills bad people, therefore making the world a better place. She also believes that this new serial killer is one of her former patients, and she wants him to find out who it is, and then do what he does. Another season that has me on the edge of my seat.
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    Damn, isn't this just BITTERSWEET?! It's sweet because Dexter is back. (Y) However, it is bitter because its the LAST SEASON!!! It did have a good run, and the the trailer looks sweet. Obviously Debra is all FUCKED UP!!! She killed LaGuerta to protect Dexter, blames her for making her a killer, and is taking prescription drugs and sleeping with numerous men to cope. Dexter also blames himself for the way Debra is, and although he tries to keep their relationship intact, she wants nothing to do with him. There is this one scene when Dex sees all the drugs she is taking and he says "I've destroyed my sister". I know this is probably gonna be one hell of a last season to this epic show, and my mouth is just for the season to start.
  17. Sorry I couldn't reply earlier. My hand/fingers were in such a bad shape. Anyway, I know where you're coming from, I'm not mad or pressed or anything. I know why you think this way, heck even I wonder why some people in my religion resort or bloodshed, violence and abuse. That is not what islam teaches. It just isn't. There's a letter that the Prophet Muhammed wrote to christians. Of course it's not his writing, because he couldn't write, but it's his words. Anyway, it's basically about live and let live. I'll try and post it or you can google in yourself.If a fight is brewing between two people, the first person that walks away will be rewarded by God. That's the kind of thing that islam is about. I could give many more examples but I can't seem to remember much at the moment. The only time violence or fighting back is accepted is if you're 100% attacked and the only thing you can do is strike back. Btw, I was born and bred in a muslim country, my country doesn't do violence. The world is full of such countries.
  18. I get you have to say these things, and maybe your right, its probably not in the Quran. However, violence against women, brutal executions, and the suicide bombers from the most part have roots in countries where the population is mostly Muslims and the dominate religion is Islam. My uncle served in Kuwait, and now is stationed in Afganistan. Proof's in the pudding, right? Just let me know if it's a cultural thing in countries where those practices take place. It seems like the Turkish, Albanians, Bosnians, Malaysians, Indonesians, and most of the Stan countries under Russia don't participate in the kind of practices I have mentioned before. P.S. My grandfather converted to Islam. Thing is he first joined the Nation of Islam. Look up Elijah Muhammad, Malcolm X, and Louis Farrakhan, if you must. It was pretty much born out of the Civil Rights Movement. When Malcolm X decided to leave the NOI, my grandfather followed suit and eventually became Sunni like him,
  19. What I'm saying is that your religion and the followers of your religion is extremely flawed, especially towards women. Women are getting killed for trying to educate themselves, or because they are raped, "honor killings" they call it, and might even have to marry their rapist to avoid jail time. Having a kid out of wedlock, you might get stoned to death. And let's not forget the terrorists and suicide bombers who are often seen as heroes becaused they killed the infidel and died for the cause, all in the name of ISLAM!!! So, did you just pick and choose which scripure you choose to follow?! I saw some documentary on Islam which showed some things outlawed. One the guys even said "If you are a liberal, moderate, or extremest Muslim, you have scriptures to fit your point of view". I saw "Zero Dark Thirty" the other day, and one scene in particular made me wanna change my name.
  20. A lot of people think Zooey DeChanel is hot, right? Hey, she is popular enough to have her own page on this website. I agree she is of above the average attractive, she is not like drop dead gourgeous. Actually, I like her sister, Emily(the lead actress on "Bones") better. Here is more who make my list: -Magdelena Frackowiak -Barbara Fialho Of course Kylie Kross nothing about her screams "Victoria's Secret model" -Vanessa Hudgens -Tara Reid. I don't like her eyes -Eva Longoria. I saw the girl without the makeup. VERY AVERAGE. I get everybody looks better with makeup, but natural beauty does play a factor. Heidi Klum, Jessica Alba, and Adriana have that. Norah Jones, too. - Kirsten Stewart. She has the some expression on her face all the time, which is emotionless.
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